7 ways to discover your unique talents

Are you living the life of your dream? Are you living your purpose? Are you living your passion and being handsomely rewarded for doing it? I am! Are you? Well, if not, then this topic is for you. Here I am sharing with you seven most effective ways to discover your unique talent and get paid for it?

Often we hear, “Do what makes you happy”, but most people are not even aware of the thing that makes them happy, let alone getting paid for it. Most people end up living miserably, without finding the real passion or purpose of their lives or they give up in the process. They fail drastically! But you don’t need to fail like that, you don’t need to end up miserable, and you don’t need to give up.

The purpose of this post is to share my insights on ‘WHAT’ you should do to discover your unique talent and get paid for it.

1. Know what you don’t want or like doing

First things first, before you find out your purpose or passion, you need to declutter all that is unnecessary. This means you have first to find out the things that you hate doing like some employees hate going to work; still, they go because the paychecks lure them. Knowing what you don’t like doing will let you have ‘Clarity of Intention’. Also, the best way to find out what exactly you want is to figure out what you don’t want in the first place. Remember Clarity is the most crucial element in the process of finding your talent or passion.

For instance, you don’t like eating cheeseburgers, would you eat it? No, because you know that you don’t like cheese, so you don’t want it. This is an example of Clarity, and it has made it easier for you to make your eating choices, right? Similarly, at your professional front, you would know what exactly you don’t want. The moment you see what you don’t wish to, finding what you want will be more comfortable. To find out what you don’t want today.

2. Know what you like/want to do

Once you know what you don’t want, the next step is to find out what you genuinely wish to or like doing. Of course, it won’t be easier, though. But you can take into account some practical considerations, like What do you do right? Are you making enough money? Where do you live? Are you able to make a difference while doing what you are doing? What are you remembered for? What is your legacy? What feedback do you get the most by the people? What is your goal? Is it a big house or a big car? What is your dream? What activities make you happier? Like some people love playing football and some like playing the guitar. What do you like to do, find that out! Get clear on all these aspects. Believe it or not, Clarity is the key to success and leading a life of your dreams.

Also, make sure that your answers align with both your talent and your purpose. If they are not aligned, then achieving goals becomes a distant dream and nothing else.

3. Know WHY you want this

Whatever you want in your life, you should know WHY you want this! It is imperative to understand why behind everything because your thoughts should be linked or aligned with your purpose. Yes, because your subconscious mind plays a crucial role in the procedure. If your talent and your purpose are not aligned, your mind will get distracted. Only when the two are aligned, you would be able to manifest the desired outcomes.

4. What are you TRULY passionate about?

Believe it or not, each individual is born with a unique talent. We can say latent talent because we all have talent, it’s just it remains dormant in most cases. It should not happen to you. Surely you are also born with a skill that you are not aware of right now. But once you know it, you can grow exceedingly.

While you discover your talent, ask yourself, will your talent move you toward your purpose in life? If so, how? What are the challenges that your passion will help you to overcome? And how will your passion impact others?

5. Know what you are NATURALLY good at

Another most crucial aspect that you need to consider while finding your talent is to know – what are you naturally good at? What is that one that you can do all day long without getting stressed out? Anything that gives you untold energy when you do it, anything that you feel passionate about even after doing it all day long, anything that makes you feel HAPPY & CONTENT after doing it – that is your natural talent. Like painting, some people love making beautiful paintings, and they never get tired of it. Or you may like blogging, or maybe you are more into content writing, etc. Find out that one thing that is there in you naturally. Knowing your natural talent can help you grow and lead a life of your dream.

6. Know what activity makes you lose track of time

When you are in the process of discovering your unique talent, it is imperative to know about the events that make you lose track of time. When I say this, it means explicitly activities that add value to your life, and other entity. Activities that help you solve problems and not time-wasting activities, like watching Netflix or Facebooking all day long. Because these are the activities where your talent lies. It could be any activity from writing to blogging, painting to cooking, teaching to public speaking etc.  

7. Know who you want to impact

Last but not least, know – who do you want to help? Who do you want to influence? In other words, what do you want for yourself, for others and your life personally? What do you want to leave for others when you are gone? What is important to you? What do you want, personally, professionally, for your clients, community and for the world you live in? Etc.

If there is nothing you have ever loved, and if you have nothing to be passionate about simply means you have been conditioned to be mediocre, to be average. If it is so, it is the time to take action and build a path for yourself to lead the life of your dream! Because it is not wise to regret at the end of your life for not having done anything for yourself.

Here is a small story from my life, which I want to share with you. It goes like this.

My friend Avril was working as an event manager in an organization. However, she was never happy while doing that job because of the timings, work pressure, and so many other reasons. But in her free time, she used to write beautiful poems and stories. In fact, people used to admire her for her writing skills. One day when we met, she looked extremely tired and exhausted. Well, seeing her in such a miserable condition pained me badly. I asked her to quit her job and switch to some other profile, which is not easy though. She said that she tried, but she couldn’t get anything as such.

Well, then I asked her to do something of her own. At first, she was reluctant as she didn’t know what exactly she can do to earn her livelihood and live the life of her dream. I told her to write down what all she doesn’t like doing, and then figure out what exactly she loves doing. What is that one thing that makes her lose track of time (I am not talking about watching Netflix or Facebooking, etc.)? After a few weeks, she contacted me with the great news that she found her talent or passion. She became a writer, and today she is very successful. She is not only living the life of her dream but also she is getting paid handsomely for her passion.

So, wait not! Discover your unique talent; it helps you live your purpose and passion. Once you have discovered your love, it will help you stay focused on what you want. You become who you want to be – the best version of YOU! Avoid all those self-doubts and negativities. Once you get the CLARITY, it’s incredible! Knowing your unique talent will take you to the right path. You would be able to design a success road map aligned with your passion and purpose. You would be able to make the difference in your life and the world as well.

Remember, “Where attention goes, energy flows.” Having Clarity in life can help you manifest anything that you desire to achieve in life. You may find it hard initially, but eventually, you will get what exactly you want! So, get focused and start discovering your unique talent. That’s the ONLY way to succeed and live the life of your dream! 

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