8 habits that will change your life

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The moment you see a kid misbehaving, immediately you say oh, very bad ‘habit’. A colleague talks too much, and you say he has a ‘habit’ of talking nonsense. Then, there is an old man who wakes up at four, and you say it is a great ‘habit’. Do you know that our habits bound us all? Yes, we all are! That’s different that we form them over the period of time, but gradually they start forming us!

So, what are these habits?

In a layman’s language, habits are nothing but our tendencies. The way we lead our lives is directly affected by our habits. However, we behave in our day-to-day life are our habits. For instance, if you sleep late, sleeping late is your habit. So, whatever you do all your day are all your habits. Our daily habits either help us to achieve our goals, or they confine us to be mediocre. A person who has good habits will surely lead a happy and healthy life; he will have all the control of his life. A person with bad habits, on the other hand, end up miserably.

So, what are your daily habits?

Are your habits success orientated or just mediocrity orientated? Yes, it is time to know your habits. To understand whether your habits are taking you towards success or your life is just as it was two years back. If it is so, then you need to take some time out for yourself and introspect a bit. Believe it or not, your habits can make a huge difference in your life. Habits can be life makers or life breakers. It is up to you how you want to lead your life.

Many people want achievements, success, money, big house, and beautiful partner, love of life, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. But, only a few manage to achieve all those things. WHY? Of course, because of their habits. Do you ever think why your friend could achieve his/her dreams, and you couldn’t even make a small difference in your life? Well, I am not asking you to compare yourself with your friend, neither am I asking to have negative judgments about yourself. What I want you to do is to INTROSPECT, THINK & UNDERSTAND that it is not because of luck, he/she has got all this. It is because he developed GOOD HABITS that helped him/her to achieve all that he/she has today.

First, we form habits. Then our habits form us. Yes, this is how it is. So, the time has come to conquer your bad habits, before they conquer you! It is the time to instil SUCCESS HABITS (I won’t use the term good habits, because we have overcome that stage) into your life so that you can lead a life of your dreams. Here we are sharing with you the best seven habits that will change your life entirely.

Eight Habits That Will Change Your Life

1. Eat Healthily 

First things first, eat healthy food. What you eat matters because you become what you eat. Food is one of the most important parts of our lives. It not only builds our body but also it impacts our mind. For instance, if you eat too much junk food or very oily food, you will feel disturbed, irritated, and lethargic all day long. However, you would never know why all these things are happening to you. But in reality, it is your food that is creating all those feelings. Food gives us energy or “Prana”, so when you eat healthy food, positive energy flows, and when you eat junk food, the negative energy (junk) starts flowing. So, it is important that you eat healthy food, which includes, green veggies, fruits, Blueberries also called brain berries, avocados, lentils, etc. All these foods help you build both body and mind.

2. Exercise Daily

Having an exercise routine is very important. You know the major causes of illnesses are unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle. “Sitting is the new smoking”. Movement is important, and it stimulates neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, brain-derived Nootropic factors (a fertilizer for making new connections), happy hormones (endorphins, dopamine and serotonin), all these together make a huge difference in life. There are many forms of exercises that you can do like, yoga, cycling, running, swimming, gyming etc. 

3. Avoid Negative Thoughts

Trust that negative thought do no good to you, so what is the point giving so much heed to them. You may think that is easier said than done. But it is important to avoid negative thoughts. Whether you believe or not, negative thoughts are the biggest hindrances to your success. These thoughts kill you eventually. You may be surprised to know that most diseases happen because of our thought procedure. Like positive thoughts, negative thoughts have the power of their own. They can create damage to any extent. So, change your thoughts. If you tend to doubt yourself or you despise yourself, or you tend to crib about everything, stop doing that. There are many ways to eliminate negative thoughts like self-affirmation, positive peer group reframing your situation, having good company, spending time with loved ones, etc. If you don’t stop now, it will turn to an acute depression, which is worse.

4. Embrace Your Existence

Most people today are unhappy because they hate themselves, their lives, their circumstances, their conditions etc. They do this because the life they live doesn’t match with the life they want to live. More than reality, they live in a world of social media. The moment somebody posts a travel post, or a marriage post or any other post for that matter, they get disturbed. Immediately they go in self-judgment mode and start cursing their situations, conditions, destiny, and whatnot.

Remember, when you judge yourself against your friends and colleagues, you feed your mind with negative thoughts. Also, it is important to know that when you curse yourself, you curse God. Just start avoiding unreal expectations from yourself and from others and start living in reality. Embrace your life, your situations, and your existence. Only when you will get pally with your life, will you be able to make a difference. How can you change something that you despise desperately?

5. Spend Time In Upgrading Yourself

This is crucial, especially in the world we are living in. Life is fast-paced today. Nothing remains the same in the world we live in. Any technology that is new today will be obsolete soon. So, it is important that you keep upgrading yourself in terms of knowledge, work, etc. Make time for learning something new and enhancing your skills. So that you stay abreast with the world and do not stagnate. Stagnation causes mundanity, lethargy and unwillingness, which is harmful to growth and success. There are many things that you can teach in your daily life, like reading books, reading blogs, learning new skill sets, etc.

6. Put Your Bullock Before The Cart

If you really want to lead a life of your dream, then this is the mantra to be successful. Put your bullock before the cart simply means set your priorities right. There are four things in life that matter the most or we can say the human race is meant for, i.e., Artha (Money), Kama (Pleasure), Dharma (Righteousness), and Moksha (Salvation). Set your priorities in the same order, and you are through. To have a pleasurable life, you first need to earn money. Without money, it is not possible to enjoy the pleasures of life. For instance, you want to have a Mercedes; it’s a costly affair that can only be managed with money. Mercedes is a pleasure for you. So, earn money and buy pleasures. So, put first things first – have a balanced life no need to overexert yourself. Focus on the highest priorities, and you are through!

7. Make Time For Daily Meditation

The time we are living in is the era of stress and anxiety. No matter how hard you want to control your temperament, things will happen that will disturb your peace. The best example here is: when you drive to your office. Just notice your temperament. The moment you see traffic on the road, your mood immediately starts to change. As if things will get better after you get anxious. Nothing changes, always remember. So, practice meditation. All it takes is 10 minutes of your daily life, but the benefits are immense. Meditation helps you gather and conserve inner strength and energy.

Meditation is an amazing way to have a calm mind and rejuvenate yourself. There are multiple meditation techniques – such as Mindfulness Meditation, Focus Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Meditation on Thought or Breath or Object, etc. You can practice any of these meditations and achieve a calm and stable state of mind.

8. Continue to Learn New Things 

This one is important on two levels. Just as regular exercise improves our physical health and longevity, regular “mental” exercise helps us maintain our brain. When we learn something new, we are making new neural connections in the brain. When an activity becomes so routine that it’s practically automatic, our brains are no longer being challenged. Even the act of doing something different to normal provides a workout for the brain. For example, try doing a task you’d usually do with your dominant hand, with the less dominant hand. It’s forcing your brain to adapt to the new situation, and reinforcing your neural network. Meanwhile, when our lives become “stale” – predictable, routine, maybe even boring – we don’t tend to feel as fulfilled. As the adage goes, “variety is the spice of life”. Learning new things can make life fun again. It can also change our perspective.

Some people like to take online classes – to learn a new language or listen to podcasts, for example, but for people who are extraordinarily busy, it could be as simple as looking up a new topic online and reading up about it, or downloading a new educational app. Try a new cuisine, or find ways to incorporate particular flavours when you are cooking. Visit a landmark or museum you have never seen – or that you wouldn’t normally think would be interesting. Learn to play a new instrument. There are so many ways to keep your brain engaged and working hard. My personal favourite is RANDOM podcasts – it’s such a simple way to learn, and it costs absolutely nothing!

These are the eight habits that you should instil in your life and make a difference. Know that these habits look simple in nature, but to instil them in life will take time. Only when you are consistent and perseverant, you will be able to change your old habits and your life simultaneously. Remember, habits are not formed overnight, so getting rid of your old habits will take time. It is said that it takes 21 days to 90 days to change a habit. So, give yourself enough time, do not hasten the procedure. BE DETERMINED, BE FOCUSED, and BE POSITIVE, the best is yet to come!!

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