Are you waiting until COVID-19 is over?

I believe the question “Are you waiting until COVID – 19 is over?” is very clear and makes all the sense. This question is relatable to all those who are waiting for the coronavirus to subside to take actions or to start doing things. Whether you are an employee or a business owner, what are you doing right now matters the most? As your future will significantly depend on the actions that you will take today. By having said that I simply mean that whatever you will do today will determine your future. For instance, if you are simply waiting for the COVID – 19 pandemic to subside and doing nothing, then you are currently losing on your business.

Many people are just waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to get over. They are merely waiting to take actions as they believe taking steps right now is no solution. And the ones who are following the traditional methods of businesses think that they cannot make any change as the situation is not right for them. Then some employees have got the privilege to work from home, but still, they are waiting for the virus to subside to start their sale. Do you also believe so?

If you also have the same mindset, then I would want to know your plan if this virus never goes away or stays for a longer duration? Would you not do anything until then? If you have chosen to take action only after the coronavirus subsides, then you are mistaken. Unfortunately, you are ready to risk everything that you have worked hard for your entire life.

Is it worth it?

THINK, THINK, THINK… You need to think and change your approach to it.

If you don’t change your approach now, the consequences or the outcomes would be disastrous. Here is what you should do to avoid those adverse outcomes.  


First things first, stop waiting for a good time. Remember, whatever time you are in is the best time of your life. The earlier you know this, the better the results would be. The coronavirus pandemic in itself is a big crisis, why should you prepare yourself for a worse situation. Instead, you should stop waiting for the right time from now, and start working for your future. Trust that you can do anything and achieve anything in your life. All you need to do is leave that attitude.


Don’t mind, but most people love to live with a scarcity mindset! They feel good as they have reasons to justify their failures or their drawbacks. They feel happy about it because they have something to put their blames on. If you also feel the same, then it is time to change your mindset. This is the time to develop an opportunity mindset. Opportunity Mode or Opportunity Mindset is a positive, confident, glass-is-half-full, can-do state of mind. This is the mindset that helps you stay motivated and do anything and everything until you succeed. Only when you have an opportunity mindset, you would be able to turn your problems into opportunities. Obstacles are simply challenging to be overcome, and the coronavirus is one such obstacle!

Remember, your attitude and approach matter the most! Despite all the negativities and adversities around, you need to stay positive and play the long game. Instead of waiting, grab the opportunity and get started on the issues confronting you, whether it is starting at an uncertainty or losing your job.


The best solution right now to deal with the situation and make your situation better is – change your approach towards it. This means instead of waiting for the coronavirus to subside to take actions, start taking steps now, start selling your products now, start investing time for your future now. I would like to explain this to you with an example.

If you have always wanted to chuck your corporate job and start your online business, then this is the time to do that. Just think, what you need to start an online business, of course, TIME & EFFORT. Believe it or not, you have both right now! That’s why I said that this is the right time. There are many online businesses which you can think of starting now, like digital marketing, web designing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing etc.

Even if you are using traditional methods of business, then also you can make the best use of online platforms and change the shape of your business entirely.


It is imperative to have an aim driven approach. Having a purpose-driven approach helps you sail through the toughest of times in life. If you see all the successful people, you will find one thing in common, and that’s – all of them have an AIM DRIVEN APPROACH. Successful people set aims for themselves and keep taking steps towards achieving them. You also need to have the same approach. You may be thinking that how can you have an aim of achieving your goal during the COVID – 19 Pandemic. Well, your targets should not depend on any situation or conditions. Aims to keep you moving forward even during the worst of times. Only when you have aims, you feel dedicated to achieve them, to work for them.


If you are a business owner and if you think that you are not in a condition to take actions during the COVID – 19 pandemic. Or if you believe that it is tough for you to make the right decisions for your business at the moment, then you can consider investing in the right coaching. Yes, the business coaches! Believe it or not, a business coach can help you tremendously. He can help you achieve your goals and sustain your position in the market. Having an experienced mentor, you can rely on is the most valuable resource available to business owners today. Business coaches can help you make those little changes and grow your business during this pandemic. Believe it or not, even the most successful and worldwide renowned CEOs, like Eric Schmidt, CEO – Google, Bill Gates, Founder – Microsoft, Steve Jobs, Founder & CEO – Apple Inc. to name a few have had business coaches.

So, if you are not in a position to make the right decisions for your business, then it is the time to take a professional’s help and keep up the momentum. It is worth mentioning that a business coach can help you shape your business the right way during this crisis.


Just imagine if the coronavirus won’t go for years or continue like this for the lifetime. Would you not do anything until then or you would instead prepare a plan for your future? What is worth doing waiting and not doing anything or starting to take actions? Of course, the latter one. You really need to think outside the box and prepare plans for what comes next. You don’t know how long the situation is going to continue like this, in fact, nobody knows.

However, the truth is we cannot sit waiting for the virus to go. All we can do is think logically and start taking actions now. Whether it is the matter of two days or two years, our actions taken today can make a huge difference in our lives. Also, this is not going to be the last crisis in human history. Crisis keeps coming as long as we are in this world. What we can do is take actions, prepare plans for better tomorrow and work accordingly. There is no point waiting and wasting time or cursing the situation. Remember, winners are not those who act when the situations are favourable, in fact, they are those who turn the adverse situation into favourable conditions!


You may find it bizarre; however, the truth is this pandemic is not adversity but an opportunity for you. It has made switching careers easier for many people and justifies it both socially and professionally. This is the time when even your family won’t object to your decision. You have all the right reasons to go ahead with your dream to start your online business. All you have to do is focus on what you can control and stop worrying about what you cannot. Spend time in learning new skills, and monitor the use of your time in the right direction. Stop worrying about the job market; instead, start your own online business and plan to create work for others!


Last but not least, embrace the change! There is no point getting worried about the future of your job, instead of struggling to retain the present state of affairs, it is better to embrace the chaos. Acknowledge the new realities and the career opportunities that are thriving during the COVID – 19 pandemic. There are many career opportunities which have flourished even during the crisis, like, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, to name a few. See where you can fit and start taking actions towards that direction.


Do not wait until the COVID – 19 is over, instead of that start taking actions now. Remember, if you won’t take steps now you will be forgotten by your customers sooner. So, whether you are a business owner or planning to start your own online business, it is the right time to take action and play a long game! 

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