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Almost every industry today is moving towards automation. Many companies have developed robots, automated transport, and health facilities. There are automated warehouses and construction robots for enhanced performance and increased productivity. All these businesses have some similarities; all of them are offline businesses. But the question is – are we expecting automation of online companies anytime sooner?

Well, we are actually. More than an exciting idea, automating online businesses is the need of an hour. I believe I think most of you would believe that automating online business would provide ease of business. Of course, when all of your repetitive and time-consuming tasks will be taken care of automatically, you will have enough time to develop strategies to scale your business. Here in this post, we share with you about automating online business and its impact.

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What do you mean by the automation of online businesses?

By now, you must have known that automation of other industries, like transport, healthcare, construction, etc. has already been started. However, the automation of online business is something that you might not be aware of. Well, automation of online businesses will be taken care of by the software. Companies are developing specific software to convert tasks, processes, or campaigns according to business needs so that automation of tasks can be handled precisely how it is needed. Automation of online business will surely help online business owners do more and achieve more. 

Automating online business will help people to spend their time on their Core Activities as all the time-consuming workarounds will be handled by software. This means people will be able to save the most crucial thing in life: TIME! Undoubtedly, time is the most powerful resource that, if utilized well, a person can achieve tremendous growth. And that’s what automation of online business will help people with.

For example: Sending personalized THANK YOU Message to your customers won’t take much time now. It can be done with the help of the right software. Your high-value customers for segmentation will automatically be tagged and notified for special discounts or specialized shipping rules without putting manual efforts. 

Parts Of Your Online Business That Can Be Automated: 

Here are the things that you will need to automate for increased growth and better results:

1. Marketing and Promotions 

Marketing and Promotions is the most critical aspect of any business. Marketing plays an important role when it comes to promoting your business to your customers, especially Social media marketing. As more and more people are having Smartphones and easy access to Social media platforms, social media marketing has gained popularity. The automaton of social media platforms could be beneficial for all online business owners.

Collection and processing data consumes most of your time; however, automating the process of collecting and processing data from your customers can save you a lot of time. Things like passing your message across to your customers at the right time and the right place will become easier. This will help you improve customer satisfaction and retention by providing them with timely support. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, chatbots, and email marketing software are a perfect example of marketing automation.

2. Sales Processes

Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand. Automating and optimizing your marketing processes will lead to improved sales and increased revenue. Automating the sales processes of your company will help you immensely. You can have your sales done on the web. Even when there will be no sales representative, you will not need to bother about your sales processes, as automation tools can take care of that part.

3. Business Operations

Then comes your business operations that can be automated for growth and better results. When we say business operations, it includes Customer Service, Support & Maintenance, Employee Scheduling, Call Centre, Inventory Management, etc. Let’s see how automating your business processes can help you:

a.) Customer Service: Good customer service leads to increased customer satisfaction, leading to customer retention. If you lack a proper customer support system, trust me, you will lose on your business. That is why it is imperative to have the best customer support system, whether you run an online business or offline business. Customer support simply means giving your customers a priority. Today, automation of the customer service system is not just needed; it is, in fact, MANDATORY. Humans taking care of customer care support may commit mistakes, but it is highly unlikely that software making mistakes. The best example of customer service automation is Chatbots. With the help of Chatbots, you can provide your customers with a 24X7X365 service. Chatbots are more intelligent than humans; they can handle multiple people simultaneously, which improves customer satisfaction.

b.) Call centres: Having your call centres automated will help you eliminate time-consuming processes. By automating this part of your business, specifically, you can streamline the workflow, save cost, increase efficiency, and achieve scalable and measurable results. Doing so will allow you to focus your energy and time on your core activities, which is more important!

c.) Inventory Management: Managing inventory is not easy, mostly when it is done manually. However, with the right inventory management software, you can automate this process and have ease of business. The software will help you update your inventory in real-time, and save a lot of time and energy. The software can automatically add, delete, edit, and transfer your product information to your website. Using an Inventory Management Software will help you minimize your cancelled orders and backorders and enable your customers to have an enhanced shopping experience.

Advantages of Automating Online Business 

Automating online business can help you in myriads of ways, like:

1. Increased Sales Volume

Automating your online business is the easiest way to have increases sales volume. Moreover, by automating your online business, you will put in minimal effort and achieve more remarkable results. Of course, when all you will automate your sales, marketing, and other business processes, your customers will have increased satisfaction levels. And happy customers are easier to retain. They will buy more, and in turn, you will be able to generate more revenue.

2. Cost Saving

Another best advantage of having your online business automated is – cost saving. Of course, saving your cost is an essential aspect of any business. Automating your business processes will help you manage and operate your business at comparatively lesser prices. Eventually, you can grow your business to a highly profitable organization. If you do not automate your business processes, you will need people to care for them. People cost you money. Yes, you pay them a salary, bonuses, etc. Besides, there are leaves, etc. to be taken care of. And in the case of software, they never get tired; they work tirelessly and efficiently.

3. Facilities Round The Clock

Your customers will be more than happy if they can contact you at midnight for their grievances. But, it won’t be possible if you haven’t automated your customer support service. By having an automated customer support system, you can handle your customer even at the wee hours. This will lead to better business and greater customer satisfaction.

4. Sales Round The Clock

Would you mind earning during no business hours? Presumably NO! Of course, who would mind making money anytime in life? And it is only possible if you automate your sales processes. The software can handle sales processes even without human intervention. Automating your business will allow you to have increased sales and generate more revenue.

5. Increased Convenience

Automating your business can result in increased convenience. Because you simply cut on time-consuming tasks, and in turn, you save a lot of time that you can spend on leisure activities. You can even spend your time in innovative initiatives.

6. Reduced Human Errors

“To err is human, but the software does not commit errors.” In fact, they reduce human errors; they help you with increased efficiency and improved results.

7. Achieve Your Financial Goals

Achieving your financial goals becomes more manageable with the automation of online business. Automating your business processes and tasks will help you reach your financial goals earlier than expected.

8. Greater Peace Of Mind

We live in an era where stress and pressure have become common. Operating your business will lead to a greater stress level, which is not good for your life. However, automating your business processes will let you great peace of mind. Of course, when you will achieve everything that you have expected, peace of mind will automatically come.  

Impact of Automation of Online Businesses on Employees 

There is no doubt that automation directly impacts the workforce. Definitely, employees working with e-Commerce companies or Online Businesses will be impacted to a certain extent. But, I don’t see it affecting employments to a greater level as humans are still needed to oversee the tasks. So, most employees will be expected to learn skill sets to work with particular software. And there is no problem also because learning a skill set will help them retain their jobs. Or else, these employees can think of learning a digital skillset to make their livelihood easily. 

If you are one of those working in an e-commerce company and worried about losing your job, I would suggest not worrying. You still have opportunities to earn and make your life better. Yes, learn a digital skillset and start your own business and become your own boss. Staring an online business is not rocket science; you can become a digital marketer or affiliate marketer. In fact, learning these skill sets can be utilized in your present job as well! Think about it; the world is already moving towards digitalization, and people with digital knowledge will have better opportunities. Don’t waste your time whining about what will happen in the future; instead, invest it in some innovative initiative!


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