Digital Marketing Is Recession Proof!

The world that we are living in is very unpredictable, there is nothing constant in it. The most prominent example of this is the present crisis COVID – 19 that we all are dealing with. However, this is not the first-ever crisis that the human race is going through, in fact, there are several such crises that a man in the past has gone through. Also, this is not the last time that we are facing any crisis. Any form of crisis, be it a pandemic or a war among nations or depression, brings in a lot of adversities and negativities with it. 

Any crisis that comes affects people negatively, it affects all the aspects of their lives from professional to personal. Many professionals have already lost their jobs, many entrepreneurs are already incurring losses because they follow old methods of businesses. To overcome their losses, many companies would fire employees after the pandemic subsides. 

But the people who are already doing online businesses, and the ones who have planned to start their online business, like Digital Marketing, need not worry. Yes, you read it right! The ones who are doing online businesses are on the safer side already. By this, I do not at all mean that Digital Marketing is recession-proof, but yes, it is well-positioned to still continue to be effective and deliver value to its clients.

How is Effective Digital Marketing During Pandemic like COVID – 19?

Digital marketing plays an important role. Most organizations use digital platforms to promote, market, advertise, and brand their product. Ever since the advent of technology, and the internet, marketing and advertising have become more accessible than ever. Most companies prefer to advertise their products online. 

Believe it or not, no company would stop marketing and advertising of its products even after the pandemic subsides. In fact, there would be many more companies to go digital for promoting their brands, which means digital marketers already have tremendous opportunities lined up. If you don’t trust, then I have a great example to support my statement.

Know that this is not going to be the first-ever recession, in fact, there were many great depressions in the past as well, as the depression of 1920. The Depression of 1920–21 was a sharp deflationary recession in the United States and other countries. The great depression of 1920 began just 14 months after the end of World War I, i.e., January 1920 and it lasted until July 1921. During 1920’s depression, ‘POST’ a cereal company decided to cut on its marketing expenses, on the other hand, Kellogg’s doubled its advertising expenses during the same period. Due to this, Kellogg’s emerged as one of the biggest bands ever. The brand launched new products and ended up boosting profits by 30% in the same period. This is because Kellogg’s could leverage the opportunity. There were fewer advertisements in the market, and advertising cost was also low during that period that helped Kellogg’s to become the category leader for the next few decades. Following the end of the depression, the Roaring Twenties brought a period of economic prosperity.

Similarly, after the Coronavirus pandemic, approximately 50% of companies will go digital. This means there are extensive possibilities and opportunities for people working online. But, it is only possible if they know how to leverage the right opportunity at the right time. 

How to Leverage the Right Opportunity at the Right Time?

The first thing that you have to do to leverage the right opportunity is to have faith and trust. You have to believe that history repeats itself. Also, you have to trust that NOTHING STAYS SAME! Bad period of life is as temporary as a reasonable period. So, you don’t need to worry – most in house workers, digital marketers, remote workers etc. are going to have a lot of work and even more opportunities in the coming future.

Undoubtedly, some businesses like events, hotels, travel etc. will be affected for sure. If you do digital marketing for them, then surely your business is also going to get changed. Some of them would put in only a limited amount of money on advertisements. At the same time, some may completely cut their advertising cost. This may affect your business directly. However, this is still not a matter of concern, as you always have the privilege to diversify.

Yes, you can always diversify and shift to other industries, like retail, clothing, FMCG, etc. These are the industries which take care of customer’s regular needs. No matter how big a recession becomes – people don’t stop spending on their daily needs. That’s the reason most companies will advertise their products, launch new products so that they can prefer to go digital so that they can revive their customers and regain their position in the market. 

Even when the COVID-19 lockdowns around the world have caused significant economic impacts, there will be no shortage of possibilities and business opportunities for Digital Marketers. To bounce back, all the companies, be it small or big, would spend on their advertising and marketing. There will be a massive demand for internet-enabled businesses, like digital marketing. 

Impact of COVID – 19 on Digital Marketers

I am sure after reading all this, you must be thinking – what will be the impact of the COVID – 19 pandemic on the Digital Marketers. Well, after seeing the present scenario where the availability of the internet and increased connectivity has enabled many businesses to continue operations and stay afloat despite not being able to open their physical stores. Even today, most companies are spending money on advertising and marketing of their products. Most companies are also ready with their post-pandemic marketing plans. This means digital marketing is going to be a useful tool for all the organizations to bounce back and position themselves. 

People who are working in the digital space and are curious about how it is going to impact their future, they should rest assured that it is going to grow in the coming future. Of course, no industry is recession-proof in the world, but what matters the most is – its significance! Digital marketing is significant – it is well-positioned to still continue to be effective and deliver value to its clients. 

Digital marketing is a NEED of an hour, and it is going to be in demand hugely! Each company needs digital marketers to sell their products and services online. After the COVID – 19 pandemic subsides, more and more organizations will be motivated to market themselves via social media platforms. Online selling is a trend, and this trend is going to increase even after the pandemic is over. 

How To Become A Digital Marketing Specialist or A Professional Digital Marketer?

This is an essential question as most of the people are planning to start their own online business. And, digital marketing is one of the best options to start your own venture. Also, you have a lot of time during the lockdown, which you can spend on becoming a digital marketing specialist. Here is what you should do to become a digital marketing specialist:

Enrol in an online course

The first step to becoming a sought after digital marketer or a digital marketing specialist is to enrol in a training program and learn the skills needed to succeed in this field. Moreover, digital marketing is a blend of so many essential marketing elements, which include, SEO marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc. To become a specialist, you need to focus on a specific area of digital marketing. As there are many training programs and you should choose according to your particular interest. Or else you can choose to learn about some of the digital marketing fundamentals initially, and then decide which area you would want to concentrate on.

Trust that online courses are the most effective way to learn digital marketing. More often than not, these courses are taught by the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Also, these online courses are the most economical and convenient way to learn digital marketing strategies. Besides, you will be given hands-on projects and assignments that will help you get a real feel for working in digital marketing. 

Sign Up in a Free Online Course

There are many free online courses that you can consider to learn digital marketing. All you have to do is simply sign up for a free course. A free course can be a good way to start with the basics of digital marketing. However, a free online course can be a good supplement to an accredited course, but it can’t be a replacement. Free online courses are not as structured as accredited programs, but there is no harm to give it a start. 

Follow the Industry’s Best

Learning is a process which never ends! So, even when you are learning a digital course online, you must follow the industry leaders as well. Remember that the industry is continually changing and evolving, and these leaders can help you keep up with those changes. Even the most experienced digital marketers keep themselves updated with those changes and trends. 

Follow the Top Digital Marketing Blogs

Following the top industry, blogs will help you learn the basics of digital marketing. Besides, you will also be able to fine-tune advanced skills. It is one of the most excellent ways to stay updated and learn about what’s happening in the digital marketing world. The internet is swamped with myriads of digital marketing blogs that you can choose to follow. 

Following all these steps will help you become one of the most sought after digital marketers. Also, you will be able to have a constant earning source and lead a happy life!

To Conclude……

So, think no more! Become a digital marketing specialist, it will open a lot of avenues for you. Becoming a digital marketer will help you have a constant earning, which will be unaffected by any pandemic or recession to a large extent. 

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