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What kind of worker you are: the one who only thinks of his monthly paychecks or the one who intent to start something of his own someday? The one who looks for stability or the one who is ready to take risks? The one who loves his comfort zone or the one who is comfortable being uncomfortable?

Well, there are two types of people in an organization: people with an Employee Mindset and people with an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Whether you are working for a company or not, your mindset plays an instrumental role in life. It is the determining factor; how do you think makes you different from others. Whether you think of pre-planned deadlines or work on pre-planned future goals can make a whole lot of difference. In this post will compare Employee vs Entrepreneur.

Here are the 22 significant differences between Employees vs Entrepreneur; take a look:

1. Employees work for others’ dreams, while Entrepreneurs work towards their goals.

This is the first and foremost difference between employees and entrepreneurs. Employees put all their effort into helping somebody else grow, while entrepreneurs work towards their goals. They work to build their dream empire and succeed eventually.

2. Employees are scared of changes, while Entrepreneurs embrace change.

Yet another important difference between employees and entrepreneurs is this. Employees don’t like change at all. They get so accustomed to their roles that even one percent change makes them uncomfortable. Entrepreneurs don’t get disturbed by change; they embrace change.

3. Employees doubt their capabilities and strength, while Entrepreneurs believe in themselves.

Employees tend to doubt their capabilities and strength by thinking about perfecting different skills. They will always be doubtful about things. Entrepreneurs don’t doubt themselves; they simply believe in doing. Even when they know little about everything, they start with a positive note. They don’t fall into the perfection trap; instead, they believe in learning new things in the process.

4. Employees tend to react, while Entrepreneurs respond

Seeing any adverse situation, employees tend to react. However, entrepreneurs tend to respond to the problem. Entrepreneurs know that adversities are just part and parcel of life. They understand that every situation can be tackled with the right strategy and planning.

5. Employees wait for the right time, while Entrepreneurs start without thinking about the right time.

Employees tend to look for the right time to complete their tasks. They keep lingering on and keep postponing their targets. But, entrepreneurs don’t waste their time; instead, they tend to start things on time. They know opportunities are short-lived waiting for the right time could result in losing an opportunity. That is why they grab any opportunity to come their way.

6. Employees wait to make decisions, while Entrepreneurs make decisions to take actions

Employees tend to wait for a prolonged period to make a decision. But that’s not the case with entrepreneurs; they believe in making decisions and taking actions. They know that “TIME IS MONEY,” which is why they try to make the best of it.

7. Employees work for promotion in their company, while Entrepreneurs work to learn and uplift themselves.

Employees will always work to get promotions and increments. They will always compete with their colleagues to get better positions and salaries. In contrast, entrepreneurs aim to learn new ideas so that they can work towards their business goals.

8. Employees are afraid of challenges, while Entrepreneurs learn to deal with challenges

Employees will never want to encounter any challenging situation at all. They would always try to avoid any such situation because they believe they lack the strength to face them. Entrepreneurs learn to deal with challenges; they stand firm in the face of any challenge. They believe no challenge is bigger than their inner strength.

9. Employees work for money, while Entrepreneurs work to create wealth

Workers with ‘Employee mindset’ work really hard to earn money. They get so stuck in the rat race that they forget to live their lives in the process. Entrepreneurs will always aim for creating wealth. They will have proper plans and strategies to create wealth.

10. Employees will always compete with others, while Entrepreneurs will help others

Workers with an employee mindset will never let anybody else grow at all. Their only objective is to show themselves superior and take undue advantage of their position. Well, this is not the case with entrepreneurs; they instead help others grow. They believe in sharing their knowledge and helping others in the process.

11. Employees love to stay in their comfort zone, while Entrepreneurs are comfortable being uncomfortable.

Employees would never want to go out of their comfort zone. That is why their growth is so limited. In comparison, entrepreneurs are comfortable being uncomfortable. They love going out of their comfort zone. They are ready to take risks to achieve their dreams and lead life in their conditions.

12. Employees love things as they are, while Entrepreneurs challenge the status quo

This is another major difference between a worker with an employee mindset and an entrepreneur mindset. A person with an employee mindset would never want to think outside the box. At the same time, a worker with an entrepreneur mindset will keep challenging the status quo. He/she will think outside the box to make the difference.

13. Employees are afraid of failures, while entrepreneurs fail wisely.

People with an employee mindset would avoid taking risks because they don’t believe in their capabilities. Entrepreneurs will keep trying, as they know, one in ten will work for them. They are not scared of failure because they know failure is part and parcel of life. And even if they fail, they fail wisely.

14. Employees are insecure about their future, while Entrepreneurs are free of insecurities.

Employees live all their lives in insecurities and fears. They are fearful of losing what they have. But, entrepreneurs live their lives on the edge. They are free of any insecurity in life. They believe in carefully estimating the probable outcome and then taking risks.

15. Employees work hard, while Entrepreneurs work smart.

Employees will continue to work hard to get in good books of their Boss. They will go to any extent to please their Boss. This is not the case with the worker with an entrepreneur mindset. A person with an entrepreneur mindset will work with the proper strategy to achieve desired outcomes. They would not waste time pleasing their Boss; they believe in working strategically to generate the right results.

17. Employees choose shortcuts to success, while Entrepreneurs are wired to achieve greatness.

At most, an employee can get a promotion or a stable position in his company. For that, he/she would use a short cut. But a person with an entrepreneur mindset knows that shortcuts are not the right ways to succeed. They know that anything achieved through shortcuts is short-lived. They aim for long-term success; hence, they know it takes a lot of effort and energy to succeed.

18. Employees blame others, while Entrepreneurs believe in taking responsibilities.

Workers with an employee mindset will never ever take the blame, even when they are wrong. The easiest way for them to come out of any situation is to blame somebody else. They will never accept their faults. But, trust, to achieve big, you need to have a bigger heart as well. You have to be courageous enough to take responsibility for your actions. Entrepreneurs believe in taking responsibility for their actions. They don’t play blame games, neither have they justified their acts. Instead, they take responsibility; they learn from their mistakes and work on their plans.

19. Employees give up, while Entrepreneurs won’t

You can see employees giving up so easily, but you will never see a person with an entrepreneurial mindset giving up. Workers with an entrepreneurial mindset keep trying; they know that one would definitely work out of ten.

20. Employees get easily frustrated, while Entrepreneurs are mindful.

Most of the employees you will see, they get easily frustrated. They are so trapped in their routine that they just don’t know any other way to respond in a situation. Instead of responding to the situation, they will simply react. Entrepreneurs know that nothing in this life is permanent, including their problems. Instead of getting frustrated, entrepreneurs spend their time doing things they love and are valuable.

21. Employees dream of their actions, while Entrepreneurs act on their dreams.

We all dream of having a lavish life, a successful career, a big house, a car, etc., but what we do to achieve those dreams matters. Only having big dreams is not enough; one has to put in efforts to achieve them. A dream will remain a dream if no steps are taken to achieve it. Employees tend to build castles in the air. They dream of achieving so much in life, but hardly have they done anything to achieve them. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, build strategies, make plans to achieve their dreams.

22. Employees misuse technology, while Entrepreneurs use technology to learn new skills and grow.

Today, most people spend their time on social media; they keep scrolling their FB and Insta pages to see what others are doing. These are those who have an employee mindset. They are happy with their 9 to 5 jobs; they don’t have anything else to do except peep into others’ lives. Entrepreneurs don’t use social media handles to know about others; instead, they use it as a tool to learn new things. 

Entrepreneurs use technology to learn and grow in the process. They know the world is moving towards digitalization, and learning new skillsets can help them grow exponentially. Even when they are working in a company, side by side, they will learn digital skillsets to gain knowledge. They use their knowledge to have an additional source of income or start their own business. Many workers have already started their online business while working in a company. 

What mindset you have: An Employee Mindset or An Entrepreneur Mindset?

This is the question for you; now is the time to think about it. Whether you are working in an organization or have your own business, your mindset plays a significant role. If you want to be successful, then it’s time to change your mindset and have an Entrepreneur Mindset! 

Have an Entrepreneur Mindset to be successful!!

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