How conscious living can lead to personal growth

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Conscious life, we hear this now and then, but hardly have we paid heed to it. We all live in an automatic mode, where whatever we do is automated. And that’s the reason most of us are struggling to have happiness in our lives.

What is conscious living?

Probably you may not be aware of it, but it’s the easiest way to be happy and content in life. Does it sound weird to you? Well, it’s because you have never tried to fathom the idea of living consciously if you will try you will know – how useful this simple looking concept could be. Conscious living is nothing but living your life with awareness or taking every action consciously, even routine acts like eating, bathing, walking, etc.

Living consciously is simply means to be in charge of your own life, making decisions with complete awareness. When you are conscious, you are aware of your existence and your surroundings. You know who you are, what you are doing, you know the depth or genesis of each action you take.

Conscious living can lead to personal growth

We all want to grow; however, we don’t know the right way to do that. We have successfully made our life comfortable, but hardly we thing of enhancing our level of consciousness. Only when you will learn to live consciously, you will understand the real stuff. The knowledge about yourself, your strength and weaknesses, your values, dignity, and integrity will help you grow.

Living consciously means learning to feel comfortable in every situation that life puts you in without becoming overly attached to any of them. For instance, you are a person who has everything, but you are deathly afraid of losing it; you are living your life in an unconscious state. On the other hand, one who has very little but has no fear of loss also is said to be at a higher level of consciousness. The latter will be happier come what may. The person who is at a higher level of knowledge will always attract and nurture the most loving relationships. He/she will always be at peace and will grow in every aspect of his/her life. And that’s the essence of personal growth.

Living consciously means not having attachment with anything, be it your pain or gain. Remember, the more attached you are to things, the less conscious — the less free — you become. The one who lives consciously always enjoys greater freedom. With greater freedom comes way greater personal growth. People free of attachments and bondage to things, emotions, etc., gain access to new experiences that fearful people do not even think of attempting.

It is, therefore, imperative for all beings to make an effort to live consciously. Conscious living not only leads to your personal growth but will also prevent comparisons and regrets.

How to become more conscious in life

Presumably, after knowing the vast benefits of mindful living, you now want to know the ways to become more aware. Here are some of the best ways to become more conscious in life and attain personal growth.

1. Ask yourself – Who you are?

The journey of conscious living begins with this question. Unless you know yourself, it isn’t easy to proceed. This is the question that you need to solve in your capabilities. Only when you know who you are, you can face down all your fears that surface with as much courage as you can muster.

2. Get a healthy body

In a healthy body resides a healthy mind. Hence, it is vital to have a healthy body to become conscious. An unhealthy body is too fragile to handle any odd situation. So, it would be best if you kept yourself fit and healthy. For this, you can have a regular exercise regime and eat healthy diets, preferably, Satvik Diet. What you eat also affects your mind, so eat healthy and Satvik. It will help you achieve a higher level of consciousness.  

3. Do an act of kindness to strangers

Selfish people are highly unlikely to achieve a higher level of consciousness. Of course, only when you are aware of the needs of others, you grow in compassion and love, which are the essential elements of conscious living. Helping others or doing an act of kindness to strangers help you have peace of mind. And a peaceful mind is highly likely to achieve higher levels.

4. Practice inner stillness

Practising inner stillness is one of the most critical steps to achieve higher consciousness. Take some time out of each day to be alone and go within. You can do this anywhere, like in your balcony, in nature, in your bedroom, etc. All you have to do is sit for a few minutes with no stimulation, like phones, etc. Sit quiet or in a meditative state, let your thoughts flow, embrace them all, whether good thoughts or bad thoughts. Do not judge them or associate with them; simply watch them just like you watch a movie on a screen. Practising this daily will help you know that your thoughts are not you, just the content of your mind. Gradually you will have control over your mind rather your mind controlling you. It will have a profound effect on whatever you do.

5. Be grateful

Believe it or not, an attitude of gratitude goes way too farther. Being grateful not only helps you see rich blessings, but also your mind actively goes seeking them out. And gradually all good things, like success, money, love, start coming your way. Isn’t it cool? The easiest way to start is to have a gratitude journal!

Be Conscious, Be Mindful, & Be Happy!!

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