How Robots Will Improve Our Life

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If you think that technology is going to impact the labour market adversely, then that’s not true at all. As I said in my previous post that it is highly unlikely that technology takes all our jobs. All it will change is the jobs you do. There will be an increase in unemployment; however, the most significant effect for many people will be a change in how they work. Technology will significantly change the skills, the tasks, and the job that you have to do.

The technology works through three channels – the displacement effect, the productivity effect, and the creation effect. In the first case, i.e., displacement effect – the machine will do all the jobs, and humans won’t be needed. While in the productivity effect – the machine will make the job more productive, but humans will be needed to perform tasks. And in the third case, i.e., the creation effect, jobs will be created. Undoubtedly, the most negative would be the displacement effect, while the productivity effect and the creation effect are always positive. Most people believe that automation will lead to displacement and that there will be massive displacement.

Before you develop a negative notion about automation, know that there is a difference between jobs and tasks. Believe it or not, your job is made up of several tasks. Only when a job is made up completely of jobs that can be automated can most people lose their job. But most jobs are a mixture of tasks, so these jobs expand into the non-automated domain. This means that automation will help companies be more productive; humans will be needed to oversee the tasks. Hopefully, it will not lead to more unemployment; instead, it will lead to a mixture of higher wages and shorter weeks.

Here in this post, we will discuss how robots will improve our lives

Here we go…..

Impact of Robots on People’s Lives

There is no doubt that robots will increase the quality of your lives. Just imagine a situation where you don’t have to do anything, only a few commands and gestures would make things done. There are already self-driving cars, buses, and trucks that have made life way too easier. Robots are simply a set of instructions that are designed to perform to do specific tasks. A robot can be used in health care units to help patients and doctors; they can also be used for household purposes, and at the same time, robots can be built for performing special tasks, like military programs, spying, and space missions. Here is how robots will improve our life:

1. Robots Can Perform Jobs That Humans Avoid To Do.

There are certain jobs that humans avoid doing or hire others to perform such tasks. But having robots to perform such tasks can make the whole thing easier for the company and employees as well. Jobs, like crop planting, fertilizing, and harvesting, are very demanding. Such jobs require a great deal of physical strength and fortitude to perform. Besides, these jobs are not easy to fill: farmers worldwide find it difficult to find enough labor to harvest their crops. Sometimes, farmers have to deploy workers from other states to bring in produce from the fields. At the same time, others have scaled back production because they couldn’t find enough people to do the task.

That is why most farms are using robots to perform a great deal of work. These robots can take care of everything, from picking berries to packaging salad to weeding the fields. In addition to this, these automated systems are capable of identifying discrepancies and can be set up for different functions, from fertilizing to harvesting. It will impact the overall productivity of the farm. Many states have reported labor shortages, and deploying robots in farms has become increasingly necessary to avoid wastage and ensure that they stay afloat.

2. More and More People Will Have Access to Goods or Services That They Couldn’t Afford Previously.

Undoubtedly, robots are more efficient than humans, especially when it is about manufacturing goods. The human workforce can get tired, but that’s not the case with robots. Robots never get tired; they can work tirelessly 24 X 7, which ultimately increases productivity. Besides, they work with better accuracy, which reduces the amount of time and materials wasted. All of this will broadly impact the cost of production. It will lower manufacturing costs and make the price of goods cheaper. In turn, this will make more and more people buy those products that they were unable to buy previously, whether they be cars, computers, or clothing. Technology will make goods and services more accessible to a broader number of people.

For example, a restaurant using robots to make meals could lower the price for its meals, as less labor is needed to run the store, and efficiency is more. So, the ones who always wanted to dine in one of those restaurants can think of enjoying meals there often.

3. Automation Will Free People to Take up Interesting and Creative Work.

Many times we want to work in the field that we are interested in. Or, we can say that most people keep working in an area that they are least interested in. They work there to make their livelihood, which gradually deteriorates their life. However, deploying robots will free people from the monotony of performing basic, low-level tasks. And they would be able to invest their time in more creative and exciting tasks, which they always wanted to do. For instance, you ever wanted to start your online business, but you couldn’t do it because of the workload. But, now, when you have a lot of time because robots undertake most of your tasks, you can plan to learn a digital skillset.

4. Automation Will Reduce Stress and Work Pressure, and Free People To Focus on Matters That can Have Demonstrable Impact

Not only are robots able to work tirelessly, but also they can handle multiple tasks. For instance, using Robotics in Healthcare can be an efficient way of reducing excessive stress and work pressure from doctors and healthcare specialists. Robotics can take care of myriads of tasks in a clinical setting, which ultimately reduces the doctors’ and other medical staff’s work pressure. The time that is saved can be used by doctors to concentrate on more relevant areas. Moreover, healthcare systems would be able to take up more cases as robots have made surgical procedures a lot easier. Surgeries are now minimally-invasive, and recovery times have significantly reduced. 

Having robots take over simple or tedious duties will give employees the time to focus on matters that have a demonstrable impact on the company’s bottom line, concerns that require both more brainpower and more creativity to address.

5. Robots Will Enable Workers to Have a Better Work-Life Balance.

Believe it or not, work-life balance is an essential component to have a happy life. Most people live a miserable life because they are unable to have a work-life balance. However, robots will allow people to have a better work-life balance. As said earlier, having robots in the workplace will significantly impact people’s lives. Robotics at work place will lead to a mixture of higher wages and shorter weeks required for leading a good life. Robots will take over some of the people’s everyday job functions, thereby helping them to have more leisure time at their disposal.

6. Robots Will Boost Overall Standard of Living.

There is no doubt that automation and mechanization boost the overall standard of living. We’veWe’ve observed the same with the Industrial Revolution, and the same is going to happen again. According to estimates, poverty was reduced exponentially after the Industrial revolution. And the simple reason for that is a technology that played a significant role. The global economy grew sevenfold, which impacted the overall standard of living. Again, automation will enable people to have better lives and improved living standards, which are important parameters.

To Conclude…..

I hope these pointers help you understand the positive side of the automation. And if you are still not convinced, I would recommend you learn a new skill set. The skillset that you can use to make your life better and add value to your organization.

All in all, robots will lead to a better life. They will save tomorrow! They will reduce human errors to a great extent, save lives by working in life-threatening situations all by themselves. Collectively robots are going to improve our lives.  

Yes, there is no point in thinking negative about robots purely. Technology will bring an incredibly transformative impact on the world at large. All we have to do is to be ready to embrace the change and take the right steps. Also, the implementation of robotics is going to take time. This means you have time to be ready for your future to prepare yourself for your future. So, wait no more, start learning a digital skillset and prepare yourself for a better future and a better life!

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