PANDEMIC Stress – What To Do

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In our last post, we shared about the Pandemic stress and how it is affecting people worldwide. And in this post, we are going to talk about the ways to tackle PANDEMIC stress.

Undoubtedly, people across the world are going through a tough time. As yet, it is not known for how long this crisis is going to continue; however, we cannot just sit depressed for the good days to come. We will have to start NOW! We all know that stress is not good for our mental and physical health. Long term stress can lead to severe problems, like:

  • Mental health problems (anxiety, depression, and personality disorders).
  • Cardiovascular disease (heart disease, abnormal heart rhythms, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke).
  • Menstrual problems.
  • Obesity and other eating disorders.
  • Remember that it is not easy to get rid of any of these health issues once they occur. Hence, you must do things that help you keep your stress at bay.

Here are the things that you should do to keep the PANDEMIC stress at bay:

1. Accept the situation as it is.

First things first, accept the situation as it is. We all know that we are going through a tough time. Reluctance and unacceptance won’t help in this situation. So, it is better to accept the fact that we are amid a crisis. And all we have to do is to stay calm and be patient. Staying calm won’t help you come out of your problems, but it will help you sustain the situation, which is the need of an hour.

2. Take good care of yourself.

When we are stressed, we tend to vent our frustration on our loved ones, which creates more trouble. It is better to spend time in self-care and curb such kind of situation at home. Self-care is the key to have better and stronger relationships with others. Only when you love and care for yourself, you can have love and care for others. Remember, you can only give what you have. If you are stressed, people around you will only feel stressed in your presence. Indulge in activities that make you happy, like, yoga, exercise, cooking, music, gardening, reading, skincare, health care, etc.

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3. Focus on your and your family’s health.

DO NOT just neglect your and your family’s physical health. Eat healthy and fresh, and exercise regularly. Apart from this, avoid any kind of intoxicants, like alcohol and drugs. Get plenty of sleep. Even if you are working from home, you can still stretch your legs in your balcony or your garden area.

4. Stay in touch with the ones who you are connected to.

Practising social distancing doesn’t at all mean to be isolated completely. Of course, you cannot meet your friends physically, but you can always stay connected to them virtually. Luckily, phones and the internet have made things way too easier for all of us. Reach out to your friends or family members via call or video call. There are many ways to be in touch with the ones you love.

5. Learn a new skillset.

I firmly believe that LEARNING IS EARNING! Many people are upset due to this lockdown, but some are utilizing this time in building themselves. Yes, instead of whining about the situation, you can make the best use of this time by learning a new skillset. Whether you have noticed or not, but we are going to enter a new world post-pandemic – THE DIGITALIZED WORLD.

Learning a Digital skill now will help you tremendously in the long run. The advantages of learning digital skills are manifold – you can become readily employable, have improved career and business opportunities. Besides, you can reach more audiences, and, most importantly, become financially independent. Moreover, learning a digital skillset will keep you busy, thereby helping you keep your stress at bay. You can learn Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, PPC Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. and fetch all the benefits.

6. Give your mind a distraction.

Yes, we are amidst the coronavirus pandemic. But talking or listening about this all the time is not going to help any of us. It is time to take a break from conversation related to the virus and its impact. Reading news coverage or talking about the virus and its effects will only worsen the situation. It’s better to distract your mind from the corona related topics and engage in productive activities.

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7. Practice mindfulness.

Last but not least, practice mindfulness! I won’t suggest you to meditate when you are stressed or feeling low. However, you can always practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is nothing but to live in the present, and doing it intentionally and with non-judgment.

Practising mindfulness during this period will help you have reduced stress, increased focus, improved emotion regulation, increased resilience, increased emotional intelligence, improved relations, increased empathy and reverence, improved physical well-being, and improved creativity and collaboration.

So these are the things that you can do to keep the stress at bay. Remember, no matter how tough the situation becomes as long as you are tougher than the situation. This is the time to be tough and strong mentally, physically, and emotionally. The ones who are stronger will come out as winners for sure. So, become stronger by doing all these things.

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  1. In New Zealand, its down to ‘Wash Your Hands’, if you are unwell ‘Stay Home From Work’ (This is sort of what everyone wasn’t doing) – and record where you have been, on a tracer app. NZ has everyone in the bubble, with the boards being controlled by quarantine of 14 days coming into the country. The Army is guarding the 4 star hotels all the incoming travellers stay at. The USA tried saying, we are holding people against their will, like in jail – but the people in Quarantine have beautiful food and an alcohol limit of a bottle of wine a day or a 6 pack of beer. NZ is seriously investing in protecting their people here – I almost want to stay at a quarantined hotel for a beak!!

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