Paradigm – What is it, and how can it help you?

Growth is a normal part of our life, and if you are stuck wherever you were last year, then there is no growth. No growth simply means there is something wrong in your behaviour. If you are also amongst those who get the same results again and again, then you need to STOP and INTROSPECT a bit. You need to understand what that one thing is that you are not doing right.  

Well, that one thing is PARADIGM. I am sure you have heard this word before. Of course, it is not a new word; people are aware of it. However, the importance of “Paradigm” in one’s life is still not fully realized by many. 

Often people keep failing in their lives, and they blame their conditions, their luck, their circumstances, people around, and their partners for their failures. But never in their lives, they sit for a while and think of their Paradigm. Yes, Paradigm – it is the most important word you will ever know. 

The moment you start to see something with different paradigms, your life begins to change. It is a kind of lens; the moment you put on, you begin to see clearly. This means your situation starts to change for good. Before we talk more about the Paradigm, let’s know what Paradigm is precise.

Here we go…..

What is Paradigm?

The word Paradigm initially came in the academic, scientific, and business worlds. However, now the word has become an important part of people’s life. A new paradigm in any area of your life simply means a new way of dealing with the situation. The moment you change your paradigms, you actually change the way you think about something. In a layman’s language, Paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behaviour.

I will explain to you with an example: If you are an entrepreneur and want to expand your business, increase your finances for the past many years. But somehow, you are not able to achieve your goals even after trying every strategy you could try. Then, the problem is not in your strategies. The problem is your Paradigm. This means you are putting all your efforts right but without changing or switching your Paradigm. 

Believe it or not, it is important to change your Paradigm to get desired results. Understand that how you are living now and how you want to live depends on the Paradigm. If you are not able to live the life of your choice, it simply means there is a gap between how you are living and how you want to live. Of course, you cannot see what has already happened, but you can still change your future. Whatever decisions you will make today will affect your future. 

How can the Paradigm help you change your life?

Yes, this is a very important question, which almost everybody has today. And why not, we find ourselves stuck in situations, conditions that we find it difficult to come out from there. Many people get disturbed and distressed because of the situations they go through in their lives. They keep getting the same results over and over because of paradigms. But, most people fail to understand this very truth that – Changing your Paradigm can lead to a changed life. It can help you have the LIFE OF YOUR DREAM, the life that you always wanted to live! 

Whether you want to multiply your finances, get a job in the company of your choice, want a modelling assignment, wish to win a singing competition, want to be a successful entrepreneur or anything for that matter, you really need to change your paradigms! 

When we talk about the change of paradigms, the very next question comes HOW….

If you also have the same question, then here is how you can change your paradigms. But before that, I would want to discuss how PARADIGMS are formed!

Let’s see how they are formed

A paradigm is nothing but a collection of habits, which eventually become your behaviour. Now, just imagine all those things that you do subconsciously, such as eating your meals, getting dressed, typing messages on your mobile, going up the staircases, going down the staircases, chopping vegetables and even driving your car are few amongst others. Almost everybody does these things subconsciously, and hardly anybody put his/her mind while performing these activities. We can also call that our brain is programmed accordingly, and we find ease and comfort in doing these activities subconsciously. The moment you are presented with a new challenge in your life, you immediately start feeling that it can’t be done because of this programming of your subconscious mind. 

So, when you do the same things repeatedly, paradigms are formed. Of course, nobody cares about the Paradigm until you hit rock bottom. These paradigms are not formed overnight, and they are, in fact, created from birth onwards. The moment your subconscious mind is wide open – what all a baby is fed with since his/her birth, like the ideas, hopes, fears, and dreams of his parents and grand-parents. Then, what you learn in school, college, university, also influences your thinking pattern. Believe it or not, whatever you are fed with since your childhood is mental barriers. These barriers must be overcome if you really want to live joyfully and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

Only when you will overcome these barriers or change your Paradigm will you be able to face and beat challenges and difficult situations in your life. Remember that overcoming old and disabling paradigms can help you thrive exponentially in your life! 

Why should you change your paradigms?

Of course, to live the life of your dream, you need to change your paradigms. If you do not do it now, tomorrow will be too late, know that! If you don’t change your perspective or the way of looking at something or the set of ideas that have been there for years now, you won’t be able to change the results for sure. This is really a black and white deal if your Paradigm doesn’t change the results remain all the same from one year to next.

To be able to shape your future you have to be willing and able to change your Paradigm, only then you would achieve desired goals or whatever you want in your life, from money to happy married life. 

How to change the paradigms?

Now let’s talk about how to change the paradigms…….

I hope by now, you are convinced that changing your Paradigm is as important as your life itself. The best thing is – paradigms can be changed. You can overcome your old and disabled paradigms easily. All you have to do is – have a single purpose that is greater than the old habits and just focus on that. Your subconscious mind plays a significant role. Wondering how???

Here is how…..

We all are made up of energy, which is also called “Prana” in Sanskrit. There is an energy or some power flowing to and through us. This power has no direction, and we are the ones to give it a direction. The moment you control the flow of thought energy or power, let it flow freely, too, and through you, it starts to improve everything with which it connects. When it flows through our consciousness, we build images, the vibration of the body also changes, which leads to changed behaviour.

So, when you start to focus on a single purpose, you actually change your Paradigm. However, it is not going to happen overnight and by itself. You will need to get emotionally involved with the image that you have built with your new purpose. Visualize with feeling the new purpose or goal so that you can establish new beliefs in your subconscious mind. And visualizing only once won’t help, you will need to do it with repetition preferably three to five times a day. This procedure is called visualization – you basically visualize yourself or your life the way you want to lead it. The results can be achieved with regular practice within a period of thirty to ninety days. 

Here is an example: My friend Sandra, who is very talented and intelligent was unable to get a job. When I got to know this, I was really surprised, because I knew her since childhood. She was good at everything. Until 2018, whenever she went for an interview, she never got selected. Sometimes she used to be the only girl who got rejected. She used to go blank the moment she is in front of interviewers. Once we were talking and she told me about this, I asked her a few questions, like how exactly she feels when she goes for her interview, what comes in her mind while going for the interview, etc.? Luckily she was open to me, she told me the truth. After listening to her, I could only understand that Sandra has a fear of losing the opportunity that made her lose it every time. 

She told me that whenever she goes for an interview, she only thinks – what if she doesn’t get the job. It was her disabling Paradigm that made her lose every time. After listening to her, I asked her to change her Paradigm. She was a bit hesitant to believe me at first, but when I told her how a change of Paradigm had helped people to change their lives, she got ready for that. I asked her to visualize herself confidently sitting in an interview, answering all the questions smartly, I also asked her to visualize even the minute details, like her dress, the indoors of the office, the décor of the office, the brand that she wants to work with etc. I asked her to practice the same at least thrice a day. She started the practice, and guess what….. My friend actually got the job that too in her chosen company! She called me one day, and she was excited and elated…. I could understand that she had got what she wanted! 


So, it’s a simple secret that you can use in your life and change it completely!! Do not ever let your disabling paradigms hold you back, and prevent you from attaining success in your life. Just focus on what you want and not on what you cannot! 

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