Repetition to change your paradigms.

Paradigm is not a new word; it is, in fact, famous world-wide. Many are already aware of the concept and have understood the importance of paradigms in their lives. Many people have already fetched desired results by simply changing their paradigms. Believe it or not, the life of each individual revolves around the paradigms. The ones who understand the importance of paradigms and shift their paradigms on time, simply get whatever they desire. While the ones who stay rigid, do not do anything about their disabling paradigms, continue to fail all their lives.

Well, if you believe that you still need to know how paradigms work for you, then this post is for you. The purpose of this post is to walk you through the importance of paradigms and how repetition can help you change your paradigms. So, read this post until the end, you are going to thank us for this life-changing journey. 


One’s collection of beliefs, set of theories, ideas, concepts and assumptions is known as a paradigm. These ideas or sets of theories are what contribute to your worldview or create the framework to operate every day, approach and engage with other things or people in the world.

The word Paradigm initially came in the academic, scientific, and business worlds. However, now the word has become an important part of people’s life. A new paradigm in any area of your life simply means a new way of dealing with the situation. The moment you change your paradigms, you actually change the way you think about something. In a layman’s language, Paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behaviour.

Formation of Paradigms 

Of course, before we move to the topic “Repetitions to change your paradigms,” we need to know how these paradigms are formed. If we talk in a layman’s language, we can say that paradigms are a collection of our habits, which eventually become our behaviour. So, whatever our beliefs are, or whatever we do subconsciously without paying attention to our actions are paradigms. 

Of course, we have formed these paradigms over a period of time. For instance, there are many cultures across the world. Have you ever thought of those small things that make up the culture in which you live? There are many traditions and institutions, and you must have some set of beliefs or ideas that you share with people around you, like your family and friends. These ideas, concepts, and beliefs that you and others share about cultures, traditions, religion, nationality, etc. are actually a big part of your individual and collective identities. And all these come from people who surround us, like our parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, neighbours, teachers, mentors, etc. 

You were not born with these beliefs or ideas; you have been given or inculcated these ideas by the people around you since your birth. When something is said to you repeatedly or when you do something repeatedly, it remains in your subconscious mind. Gradually whatever you do, think, or perceive becomes your paradigms. 

The Need to Change Paradigms

You must have seen many people who are hardworking; still, they fail to achieve their goals. What do you think? It’s because of their paradigms. They are reluctant to change their paradigms, so they fail! To live the life of your dream or to achieve your goals or to have everything that you want, you MUST change your paradigms. 

Would you want to live a life full of miseries? Or would you prefer to have a life full of happiness, wealth, success, etc.? 

Of course, anybody would choose the latter. We all want to live a life full of happiness and contentment. And the easiest way to live that kind of life is to shift your paradigms. And trust me, changing or shifting paradigms is no big deal. All you need to have is – DETERMINATION & CONCENTRATION, and you are through!

Are you READY for that???

I presume you are ready……. C’mon, let’s know the POWER OF REPETITION to change your PARADIGMS! 

Repetition to Change Your Paradigms

To explain this, I would want to take you to your childhood, and I am sure you would love it! Do you remember even after trying so hard you were not able to spell a particular word correctly; then, your teacher asked you to write the same word hundred times? I am sure you remember. When I was in grade 3rd, the spelling of “CHALLENGE” was a big challenge for me. Every time my teacher would ask me to spell the word, I would either miss ‘L’ or ‘E’. Thankfully my teacher was highly patient, she didn’t say anything, and she would ask the pupils to write down the word a hundred times, or spell it out some number of times, that’s all! 

I was also asked to write “CHALLENGE” the hundred times, which was, of course, a challenge for me as I had to miss my TV program that day. Since I had to submit the same next day, I did it. I had no choice also. But you won’t believe that I never forgot this spelling. You know why? It is because of REPETITION! Yes, repetition did the wonder for me that day. It may appear a small exercise, but in reality, it is a life-changing method, which I, of course, realized later in life. That’s the reason I thought to share my experiences with you.

The practice which I was asked to do in Grade 3rd, caught my attention when I grew up. I realized that you could actually simplify your life by simply shifting your focus. And shifting your focus simply means shifting your paradigms. I did a thorough study to understand the connection between the paradigms and the power of the subconscious mind. I realized that both the two go hand in hand, as it is said: “You become what you think.” It is correct by all means. For instance, if you believe that you are a big failure, you eventually become a big failure. It is a very small example but a powerful one because most people keep thinking negative all their lives. Here; Believing that you are a failure, is a Paradigm, and becoming a failure happened because of the power of your subconscious mind. 

Wondering how???

Here is how …

Understand that our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between negative beliefs and positive beliefs. Whatever you believe or perceive or think about yourself or about others start to happen, because your subconscious mind has the power to manifest whatever you think. For instance, if you repeatedly think that your partner doesn’t love you, then you will find that he/she actually doesn’t love you. You may be surprised to know that YOU only made him/her not love you, by manifesting the same thought again and again. 

People who do not understand the power of the subconscious mind end up having miserable lives. And the worst part is – they keep blaming other people, their surroundings, and their circumstances for their miseries; without realizing that they misused the power of the subconscious mind. 

We are living in an era of depression and distress. Today it is very easy to fall into depression. You can get depressed for anything and everything, sometimes it looks as if people love to be depressed. What is tough is to be courageous and strong, even amidst adversities. The ones who are ready to face challenges, ready to change their paradigms would WIN no matter what. 

Whether you want to multiply your finances, improve your relationship, establish your business, marry the love of your life, or want to succeed in your career, you will need to change your paradigms. Expecting to achieve your goals without changing your paradigms is a mere wastage of your time and this precious life! If you also want to know how you should achieve your goals, then follow these five steps to change your paradigms

Here we go……

The five steps that can bring happiness, positivity, love, money, success, etc., in your life are AWARENESS, PURPOSE, DETERMINATION, VISUALIZATION, and REPETITION! Following these steps can help you have a successful life. You would be able to grow in all the spheres of life exponentially. 

STEP 1: Awareness. Become aware of your circumstances. The moment you are aware of your disabling paradigms, and you know that these paradigms are creating hindrance in your life, you are set to reshape your life. Without being aware of your disabling paradigms, you cannot achieve what you desire. You will only blame others for your failures. But once you know the problem is not in the world, but it is in your belief system, you can design your life your way! 

STEP 2: Purpose. Purpose or goal is what helps you get going even when the going gets tougher. Whatever you want to achieve in your life is your purpose. For instance, if you want to achieve success, it is your purpose. If you are dreaming of building your own house, it is your purpose. If you are seeking happiness, then it is your purpose. Having a purpose in life is very important; life without purpose is no life! Set a purpose for yourself! 

STEP 3: Determination. Once you are aware of your disabling paradigms and you have decided to change those paradigms to lead a happy life, the next step is to be determined. Determination is the key to take steps further to achieve your goal. Determination helps you focus on your target. Be determined to get your goals.

STEP 4: Visualization. Whatever you want to achieve in your life, picture it or visualize it. Say you want to win a singing competition, but you are scared of losing the competition. Be sure that with this disabling Paradigm you will end up losing it only. So what should you do? You should, of course, change your Paradigm. For that, simply start visualizing or picturing the entire thing in your mind. Visualize yourself singing in the competition, imagine a huge stage where you are performing, judges are sitting just in front of you, the amphitheatre is crowded, and the audience is cheering for you. Seeing your performance, they are saying Encore! Encore! Encore! Imagine all this, imagine that you win the competition. 

Make sure you imagine with emotions and feelings. If you don’t associate your emotions with your purpose, you won’t be able to manifest it.

STEP 5: Repetition. Last but not least, repetition is what would lead you to the life of your dream. Yes, only becoming aware of your paradigms, having a purpose, being determined and visualizing won’t help until you make repetition your habit. The only REPETITION can help you change your paradigms and manifest whatever you desire. Repetition is nothing but consistency. You have to visualize your dream or purpose consistently. Every time you visualize, you have to feel it from your heart, and gradually it will become your reality. To change your disabling paradigms, keep visualizing the target paradigms, and your life will change for the good! 

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