Skill Sets You Can Learn During Lockdown

Hello folks…. How is it going??

Hope you all are following Government’s directives and are safe at your home!

Yes, this life and safety of this life is the priority right now! 

Well, while wondering how everybody is spending his/her time during the lockdown, I thought to write this for you. But before I really start with what you should do, I would want to know how are you spending your time? What do you do for the whole day?

Why I am asking because you have a lot of time during this lockdown and this question really makes sense now. Of course, it is absolutely up to you, how you choose to spend your time. You can want to waste it doing nothing or doing unnecessary stuff, or you may choose to spend your time learning some new skills. A skillset that will help you tomorrow, a skillset on which you can rely for your survival if things don’t go your way. 

Of course, once the COVID – 19 crisis subsides, the world will start spinning again. However, things will not remain the same. Everything will change, including the industry you are working in, the company that you are serving for the past many years, and the world around you. These changes will be so prominent that they will directly impact your life. Some may lose their jobs, some will be forced to do things which they never wanted to, etc. Are you ready to face all those changes and challenges that are about to come in your life once the coronavirus crisis subsides?  

Yes, what are your plans for the change that you are going to face after the crisis subsides?

If you have no answer for it now, then trust me tomorrow, it will be very late. You will be stuck in the same old stuff that you were tired of!

Wondering what you should do?

LEARN A SKILL SET! Yes, you read it right, learn a skill set, and I am not talking about cooking and playing the piano. Here I am talking about a skill set that can help you earn money. That will act as a safety guard for you even when you will have no other source of earning! 

What kind of skills should you learn?

This is an essential question right now. Here are the things that you have to keep in mind while you start learning a skill set during the lockdown.

1. Learn a skill set that will immediately impact your life, career, and earnings. Yes, you cannot spend your life learning something. There is no point in doing so. Instead, give your time to something with which you can change all the aspects of your life, like career, finances and personal life. 

2. Learn a skill set that doesn’t take you years to learn. It should be a matter of a few weeks. Remember that you have only this time that you can spend in learning and then you can start earning. 

3. Learn a skill set that you can learn at the comfort of your home. Of course, you have time because you cannot move outside your home. So, you can only learn an online course, for which you won’t need to go out.

4. Learn a skillset that you are passionate about. Of course, there will be something that you will be passionate about. Something that you would love to do. Trust that spending time learning a skill set that you love will help you achieve heights faster and in a better way. You would love to do that, and when you love doing something, you give your 100%. Then you don’t do things out of pressure or stress. You feel free and happy while doing your favourite work. 

5. Last but not least, learn a skill set that you can learn at your own pace. It should be such that you can learn over a period of time or immediately. A skillset that won’t take much of your time and won’t be too difficult for you to learn! 

8 Skill Sets That You Can Learn

1. Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a NEED, it is going to be in demand hugely. Every company needs digital marketers to sell their products and services online. After this crisis subsides, entrepreneurs will be more motivated to market themselves via social media platforms. As online selling is always considered better than an offline sale. Learning digital marketing can help you immensely. Besides, learning it will add so much of the value to your resume. You can either opt for a job or you can start your own company and help your clients by marketing their products digitally. 

2. Search Engine Optimization Marketing:

Another excellent skill set that you can consider learning SEO Marketing or Search Engine Optimization Marketing. With this, you would be able to provide services to various companies and help them have SEO optimized content. Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool, and it is hugely in demand. Once the crisis is over, you will see all the companies will have a huge demand for it as it will help them have a better place in Google ranking. 

3. Coding Skills:

Believe it or not, coders, programmers and software engineers will be in demand for sure. Your job is to master the skillset and create a ground for yourself to sustain the market. You have to see what you are going to do differently, how you are going to help companies after the lockdown. If you have answers for all these, then definitely you are sure to succeed as a coder. 

4. Copywriting:

Another fantastic skillset that you can consider learning during this lockdown is – COPYWRITING! Believe it or not, the demand for copywriters is not going to go down at all. Every single email, social media post, marketing content, etc. is written by copywriters. No matter how bad the situation becomes, companies will always need copywriters for writing all their promotional and branding material. Advertisement content is hugely critical, it plays an important role. Companies still need copywriters for copywriting their advertisements. Also, it has nothing to do with writing, it is more about selling, and it is sustainable and doable. 

5. APP Development:

If you think APP development is your forte, then why not to try it out! If you love to spend time on your smartphones, or if you are keen to develop apps, later try this for sure. With the advent of smartphones, the demand for app and app developers has also increased tremendously. So, you can learn app development, and you can choose to start your own business and provide services to your clients. 

6. Project Management: 

If you think that you are able to manage different projects and get the job done for your clients. There are many companies who will move to get virtual. And this can be a brilliant opportunity for you to learn this skillset and provide services to your clients in managing their projects. There are various project management technologies that you can learn and master. 

7. Web Designing 

A web designer or web developer is another skill set that you can learn and master during the lockdown. This is also one of the best online skillsets for people. It can be a great opportunity for those who are searching for home-based work ideas. Believe it or not, each business is going online today. And all of the businesses, be it small or large are going online, they need to be present online because customers today prefer to shop online. It becomes crucial for companies to go online. Especially after this lockdown, the ones who are not using online methods to business will also prefer to go online. As, because of their old methods, they will incur a huge loss. Hence, it is a great opportunity for you to think about learning web designing. After the lockdown, you can join as a webs designer in a company, or you can start your own business. 

8. Closing skills: 

The ability to close products or services to sell them over the phone or internet is called closing skills. And it is one of the best skillsets that you can learn during the lockdown. Believe it or not, after the crisis subsides, most companies will plan to outsource people for their entire selling division. If you learn to sell products and services over the phone, then you are ready with closing skills. Remember, if you can close the deals over the phones, companies are prepared to pay you any amount. All they need is skilful salespeople, especially after the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

These are the skill sets that you can choose to learn. And trust, you can learn any skill set irrespective of your age. Learning a skill set doesn’t take you years to learn. All you need is time (which you already have in abundance), passion (which you can create), a laptop or a desktop and a high-speed internet connection (which is not a problem at all). 

So, what are you waiting for! Don’t overthink just start doing! There is no right time in life, so don’t wait for the right time. Believe that the time that you have in hand is the best time and only time that you can spend in learning a new skill set that can change your entire life for your GOOD! Moreover, learning these skill sets will also impact your personal experience positively, which will be a more significant impact for sure! 


Start learning TODAY!

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