The great pause of 2020. What should you do!

Empty dark roads

The economy across the world has never experienced anything like the coronavirus downturn. For the first time in history, an economic crisis occurred not from the sudden loss of control over financial processes but from a collective decision to switching off large segments of the economy. Pandemics are recurring events in human history, but the “great pause” is new. Over 30 million people got unemployed in America alone. Hundreds of millions of people will be left without work due to the impact of COVID-19 around the world. Many businesses are closed, and people are plausibly worried. – newspaper

But the question is – are we heading to severe depression, or are we instead unflappably verging on a new and better world, where the learnings of this challenging time can be put to use? What will be the scenario once this whole thing gets over? Will we simply return to our hyper-consumptive lives? Or are we going to take this great pause as an opportunity to introspect a bit about our lives and ask ourselves: what do we want our future should be like? How do we want to have balance in all the aspects of our lives? What should we do at the moment that will make us better, safer, and more resilient?

The point is we can make the difference, if only we start to take this pandemic as a gateway between one world and the other. It is an occurrence to break with the past and begin to build our future anew, afresh. Craving for normality is nothing but a waste of time. Nothing could ever be worse than returning to normalcy.

Then, what should we all expect? Why would craving normality be a bad thing?

Because before the coronavirus pandemic, “normal” was not being resilient to a situation like this. The jobs that we despised every moment were normal for us. How can anything that we dislike be normal? A return to normalcy would simply mean to drain yourself up in doing something that you don’t like doing or giving up on your dreams.

Unlike other pandemics, the world responded very differently to the coronavirus. The economy was put on pause because today we have the tools, like the internet and additional information and logistics technologies that kept essential services going. Many companies were able to operate even during the shutdown because of the nature of their business. They were all online.

Post lockdown, millions of people would go back to work; however, millions of others won’t. If you are amongst those who are left without work due to this great pause, then it’s time to re-establish yourself.

How to re-establish yourself?

Yes, this is the biggest question today. Most people are still trying to figure out – how they can re-establish themselves. Undoubtedly, change is not that easy. We have to prepare ourselves for the change. It takes a lot of effort, commitment, and consistency to bring about the desired change.

Denzel Washington

“Without commitment, you’ll never start. But more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish.” — Denzel Washington

So, to re-establish, you need both commitment and consistency. Having both will allow you to have the life of your dream.

If you believe you possess both, then it’s time to take a step ahead. What’s that step???

Do you know what the best thing about this great pause is? Or did you ever realize that life was easier even when we were going through the crisis?


It’s all because of the internet! The entire world depended on the internet for its work, shopping, studies, entertainment, etc.

Do you understand what does that means?

It simply means that the digitization of businesses is going to grow in the new world. More and more companies are now digitizing themselves. And the digitization of more and more enterprises means that the demand for digital skills will grow. Businesses would want to hire people with digital skills. The need for Digital Marketers, SEO consultants, Content Writers, etc. will grow in the future. And learning a digital skillset is the key to success in the new world. It is the tool to be ready for the new world.

So, what you need to do?

You need to prepare yourself for the NEW WORLD by learning DIGITAL SKILLS. Whether you want to increase the chances of staying in the present job, or you want to prepare yourself for future employment, or you want to start your business, learning digital skills can help you grow immensely. There is no secret that the demand for professionals with digital skills will increase. People with additional skill sets will be more employable than those with no digital skills. Moreover, learning digital skillset will give you a sense of security and resilience. The kind of resiliency that we need today can only be attained by learning digital skills. You never know what is going to come in the future, whether the next crisis is another fire, a flood, or a pandemic. Be ready! Besides, you can support struggling workers and small businesses, thereby allowing your region, your nation, and this planet to thrive for generations to come.

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