Turn The Crisis Into A New Beginning

Different people react differently to a particular situation, especially when the condition is not good. Today we all are going through a tough time, and everybody is responding differently to this situation. Some have already started losing patience, while some are still able to maintain calm; however, some are there who are trying to find solutions for their future, so on and so forth.

The COVID – 19 is something unexpected that has entered our lives and has stopped everything. Before this crisis, everything was set; people had plans for their future. Some were planning to buy a new house, while some were planning to spend on a new property. And there were much planning to switch their jobs and join a new job, suddenly the coronavirus came, and everything got topsy turvy.

Undoubtedly, this is a big problem, but trust humans have encountered even bigger problems than this, like World War II. This is not less than a World War; it’s just we don’t know the enemy. This is a war without any weapon. Worried? Oh, don’t be….. I am not going to talk on problems. Instead, I am going to talk about solutions here. Yes, I know what you all are going through right now. I know how you all are feeling right now…… But, understand that this article is not about the problem, it is about the solution…..

Let’s see what the solutions to combat this crisis are……..


Our whole life revolves around two situations – CERTAINTIES & UNCERTAINTIES

Anything which we are sure about is certainties of life, and things that happen suddenly lies in the category of uncertainties. This whole life of ours is a mix of both certainty and uncertainty. The ones who know how to have a balance between the two succeed in life. While the ones who do know how to sail their boats when the waves are in the opposite direction fails drastically.

I will explain to you this with an example:

Certainty: Suppose you are working in a Government bank as a Manager. Hope you know that employees get promotions after serving for a few years in a particular role. So, your promotion is also due in the next two months. This means that you are sure about your promotion. You know at 60 you will get retirement, and after that, you will build a beautiful house in the countryside and spend your life with your family there. This is a situation where you are sure about everything; you know what will happen when.

Now my question to you is – do you find any need to go creative or do something outside the box while everything is set in your life? NO! Nobody on this earth feels like doing anything extra when everything is fine. This means no significant change in society can ever happen when everything is fine or certain. And the reason is simple – You are at the comfort, and you don’t need to do anything creative in life.

Most people in life struggle with depression, even when they are performing well in their career and personal life… Do you know why?

The answer is very simple – Certainty gives you a level of comfort, but at the same time, it takes life away from you. Certainty causes inertia; it causes dullness because when everything is certain, you ignore your ability and creativity. Gradually life becomes mechanical and automatized because everything is certain. Your brain doesn’t want to work or explore much, because it is comfortable. But that comfort creates mundanity, which ultimately leads to depression. And that’s the reason most people suffer depression even when everything around them is good and certain.

Uncertainty: The opposite of uncertainty. Many people are literally scared of this word, let alone the situation. But trust that, it is the uncertainty that calls for action; it is the uncertainty that demands your intellect to jump into action; it is the uncertainty that demands for creativity and impulse to come out of you, and it is uncertainty beacons your intelligence to act. Like today’s crisis – COVID – 19 that we all are going through. Either of the things happen when situations are uncertain – You move in the direction of fear, or you move in the direction of Innovation. There is no other way out.

Even today, the same thing is happening, many people are moving in the direction of fear; Fear of losing jobs, fear of having no money, fear of having no house, fear of getting an infection, so on and so forth. There is no dearth when one starts to fear, anything and situation can cause fear in life

However, there are many people who have already started to move in the direction of Innovation. For instance, people who have been working in an organization have realized that they may lose their job once the coronavirus subsides. So, they have already started taking steps and working towards their future. They are spending time in learning digital courses so that they can start their own work and face the after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic diligently. And that’s the right approach one can have towards the adversities.

Why should you not fear uncertainties?

You must be wondering why you should not fear the present crisis. Well, there are many reasons not to fear the present crisis. Still, I would want to explain it with an example.

The first thing that you need to remember at the moment is – You are not the beginning of all human races which are going through some such crisis. The truth is people before you have gone through even the worst situations. After World War 2, there were countries, including Japan, and Germany, who were utterly devastated. They had to go through very tough times, and people were on the roads for their bread. But just after 40 years, things were changed in both countries. All the countries bounced back vibrantly and flourished once again. We all know how technically advanced Israel is today – But do you know that there was a time after World War 2 when the country was newly formed and its people were on the roads for their bread. There was chaos all around. They came out of that situation so boldly and successfully.

Now, my question to you is – what do you think – How could they all make it happen?

The answer is very simple – All these countries moved in the direction of Innovation, and that helped them make the difference and stand strong once again. Remember no innovation comes out of certainty; in fact, it comes out of uncertainty, it comes out of demand, and it comes out of the necessity of the time. That’s what happened in the case of these countries. The uncertain situation that they all had to go through beaconed them to think differently.

Similar is the situation today; it is no less than World War 3. However, it is a war without weapons. This is the time of uncertainty worldwide, and each country is struggling with the same problem – the virus! There are uncertainties across industries. People are getting more depressed, more anxious, and more terrified of the whole situation. They are losing power that is needed to sustain life…..

What do you think – is it right to feel like this? Or is there any way to turn the crisis into a new beginning? The latter is more appropriate. There are ways to turn this crisis into a new beginning.

What should you do to turn this crisis into a new beginning?

The first thing that you can do to turn this crisis into a new beginning is – STAY POSITIVE! Only when you will think positive, positive things will happen to start with you.

Never forget that we have seen worse situations than this in the past as well. We have managed to come out of bigger calamities than this. And the truth is after every disaster we come back with full force. We have the power to bounce back. It’s just we are so engrossed in the outside world that we get too little time to see within and know our strengths.

This is the time when you need to believe in ourselves. Do not doubt yourself; do not doubt your abilities and skills to manage the crises. In fact, take this time as an opportunity to start afresh, to begin anew. See your surroundings, even nature has already begun to regain itself, then why are you not doing it? There are two ways you can take this crisis – either negatively or positively. I would ask you to choose the latter.

See, the world is changing, and so you need to change with the world. Like in the past we have bounced back after the crisis, this time also we will come back with force. You have got plenty of time to spend on yourself, to learn a new skill set. Trust that whatever you will learn today will help you build your future better and fairer.

Believe it or not, all the cut-throat attitude and unethical behaviour that we had, have all gone. Today people are helping each other. There are many companies, organizations, and institutions who are helping people to go digital. There is no shortage of humanness in society; all you have to do is – see with a clear and positive mind. Learn from history, be confident about the present and plan your future. Now is the time to take steps towards your dreams, towards your future. Now is the time to start anew and afresh. Now is the time to think about it and have this confidence that you will be able to sail over the curve successfully. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Stay Positive!!

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