What to do after quarantine?

Yes, what are you planning to do after the global COVID-19 pandemic subsides or after the quarantine?

Are you still going back to work for your boss? Or have you thought of GOING DIGITAL and starting your own business?? 

If you haven’t thought of it till now, then when are you planning to give it a thought? 

Believe it or not, this is the time that you have got to quarantine not only your body but also your mind and soul. This is the time that you won’t ever get in your life. The time that may not appear very good because of the fear and gloominess right now, but, this is the only time that you can spend for your future. This is the time that you can pay in planning your own business, to go digital and start a secondary income source for yourself. 

If you haven’t got any plan for your future, then read this post until the end. The purpose of this post is to help you have an idea about what you should do today to build your future. 

Once the global COVID-19 pandemic subsides, the things will also change with it. The economy has already gone down, and companies will also be laying off their employees. And if they won’t lay off immediately, they will surely create unnecessary pressure or give extra targets to their employees to cover the loss that they incur during the coronavirus pandemic. This means there will always be a threat to your job, or you will be distressed because of immense pressure. So, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for your companies to ask you not to come? If so, then, the choice is yours! 

So, why don’t you simply start thinking about your future? Remember, there is no good time in life. Whatever time you have in hand only that you can make good! People who tend to wait for better times in their lives continue waiting until their last breath, as there is no good or bad time! It’s just time!

Even today, it is just the TIME that you should utilize for your future. Just think of the last year when you got too stressed out of your job, how desperate you were to leave it and start your own business. But you got trapped in the rat race one more time, and you couldn’t do anything about your dream of starting your own business. Now, I want to know – what is stopping you from achieving you your dreams? What is stopping you from leading the life that you always want to lead? AND what is stopping you from taking a step forward? Because whatever you need to start your own online business you have that all – Yes, you have a laptop or a desktop, an internet connection, and most importantly, you have a LOT OF TIME! 

Now, what are you waiting for????

THINK, THINK, and THINK about it! Right now is the time to go within and introspect! 

In the meantime, I tell you what all you can do after the quarantine! 

I. Become An Affiliate Marketer

Yes, you can become an affiliate Marketer. Affiliate marketing is an online revenue sharing venture between an online merchant and the website owner. If you become an affiliate marketer, you will become the website owner. You will be placing the advertisements of the merchant on your website and help the merchant to sell his products. Or you can send potential customers to the merchant’s website, and in return, you will get the share of the profits. In this format, you will not have to do a lot of stuff. All you have to do is find the right merchant to promote on your website—the one who is renowned and whose products are readily saleable.  

Today, affiliate marketers are very successful. It is one of the most profitable businesses to start with. Believe it or not, once you become an affiliate marketer, you will know how easy it is to generate income online. You will be a promoter here, and you will help the sellers and manufacturers connect with the end consumers and sell their products or services via your platform.

Benefits of becoming an Affiliate Marketer 

Affiliate marketing provides you with a lot of benefits, like …

  • Affiliate marketing is absolutely commission based. This means on every purchase that is made by the audience routed through you, and you will be receiving a set commission of the profit.
  • Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest online businesses to manage. It doesn’t need a lot of hard work. Only initially you will need to put in extra efforts, and once your website and links are set across to the merchant, it will be a cakewalk for you. You will be able to make money from sales without even putting in the effort for months.
  • Affiliate marketing helps you make a steady income as you will be receiving commission from sales of a product or service for years, even when you won’t do anything much to promote those products or services. You will be eligible for a regular income as long as your products or services are saleable. 
  • Affiliate marketing will help you have immense time for yourself and for your loved ones. The time that you can spend on yourself, to learn new things, to go on vacation with your partner and kids, to love yourself and your family more, etc. 
  • Affiliate marketing is a home-based work, which means you can work from the comfort of your home or anywhere you want. 
  • Affiliate marketing is a way to have an additional source of income. You can create a long term Passive income from it just by spending $100 to $200. 

II. Become an SEO Expert 

Another wonderful online business idea is – You can become an SEO expert and start your SEO or Search Engine Optimization Marketing business. Today, each company is looking for a reputed SEO marketer to promote its website. A reputed SEO marketer is as important as the marketing of the product itself for the company. Companies are just ready to pay any amount to the SEO marketers to promote their website in the market. Setting an SEO marketing business will help you earn an impressive income as you can cater to many clients at the same time and provide them with the best SEO services. Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool today, and each company be it large or small is in dire need of reputed SEO experts. AND YOU CAN BECOME ONE! 

Benefits of becoming an SEO Expert 

Here are the benefits of becoming an SEO Expert……

  • Gone are the days when a traditional form of marketing used to work wonders for the companies. Today, there is a huge demand for SEO services; it is a separate profession altogether. Now companies prefer to hire a dedicated SEO expert, thereby increasing the demand for SEO specialists. Believe it or not, the demand for reputed SEO experts is high and is constantly on the rise these days.
  • A great way to make a successful SEO career. SEO marketing is a viable business today; there are many people who have already made a successful SEO career, including, Jill Wahlen – renowned search engine optimization (SEO) consultant, speaker and writer. You can also become one of them and get your name etched in the list of top SEO consultants in the world. All it takes is a bit of dedication and clarity of mind. 
  • It helps you make good money. It is one such online profession that you can practice even when you are working for a company as a part-time. It will help you generate additional income. Know that this online business is a high paying business, once you get hold of the market. The compensation for SEO experts is equal to or even higher than that of web designers, developers, and marketers. 
  • You can become a freelance SEO expert or consultant and make like $60 per hour or even more than that. If you are not fully confident about it, then you can learn a bit and then start your own company. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET YOUR CHOICE! 

III. Become a Website Designer 

You know how important a website is for any company, be it large or small. Each company wants to develop a unique and unusual website to sell its products or services. Though there are many web designers in the market, companies are in the lookout of the reputed ones. The ones who can develop a website of their dream and help them have massive traffic on their platforms. It is an excellent opportunity for a person who is willing to start his/her own online business. If you possess all that one needs to become a web designer, then this Quarantine period is the best time to work on your dreams and start your own online business. 

Benefits of becoming a Website Designer 

Here are the benefits of becoming a Website Designer…

  • Website designing business is one of the easiest businesses. You can start your own website designing business. 
  • The market works on word-of-mouth, if you will give the best website to your client, he will surely talk good about and will help you with references. Even you will become their first choice whenever they need web designing services. 
  • A great way to make a successful career online. Web designing is one of the most desired services today. Companies are always looking for the best web designers to get an eye-catching website designed for them. There are many people who have already made a successful career in this field. If you want, you can also become a successful web designer and earn both money and clients! 
  • You can make good money out of it. You can be a FREELANCE WEB DESIGNER and earn very good money. Especially when you give the best services to your clients, you have the privilege to ask for the best prices for your services.

These are some of the online businesses that you can consider to start and earn money after the quarantine. Besides these businesses, there are many other online businesses like web development, flipping domain, app development etc. It is about your interest and choices! But the time to focus on your INTEREST AND CHOICES is NOW, if you don’t do it NOW, then tomorrow will be too late! 

So, don’t waste your time, energy, and calibre on things which are redundant! Instead, focus on your PASSION and BUILD LIFE OF YOUR DREAM! 

Remember, everything in your life is a reflection of a choice that you make. If you want a different result make a different choice……!!

Meanwhile, Stay Home, Stay Safe, & Focus On Building Life Of Your Dream! 

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