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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the economy world-wide adversely. In the UK alone, the number of people on payroll fell by 2.1%, or 612,000, between March and May. The so-called claimant count, which includes both people working on reduced income or hours and those who are unemployed – was 125.9% higher than in March, when the lockdown was announced across the country. And the situation is the same in other parts of the world as well.

According to a recent analysis, even after the coronavirus subsides, the unemployment crisis is going to continue. Unemployment is rising at a faster pace, faster than it did during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Many companies have already started laying off their workers. Many industries like events, airlines, hotels, etc. have already suffered huge loss due to the lockdown, due to which they are set to cut their workforce to a major extent.

Not everyone will be able to sidle back into their jobs, as many firms are on the verge of going bust due to the lockdown. The British economy alone has shrunk by a massive 20% in April. How many months or years the whole thing will take to revive is still not clear. BUT, there is still hope for everyone. And the hope is to learn DIGITAL SKILLS.

Undoubtedly, in the past three months, we all have seen things that we never dreamt of in the wildest of our dreams. The impact of the coronavirus is everywhere; people are struggling at all levels, financial, professional, emotional, and personal. If we don’t understand the severity of it now, tomorrow will be too late.

The Solution:

The time demands to go digital! Yes, we are in the digital world, and nothing could ever grow the way digitization of businesses growing. After the coronavirus outbreak, most companies started going online. This clearly means that the demand for digital skills is going to grow automatically. Each business would want to brand, market, and promote itself. There will be an immense need for Digital Marketers, SEO consultants, Content Writers, etc. There is no secret that the future lies to those who will possess digital skills.

Digital skills can help you in myriads of ways, such as:


Congratulations, if you are still employed! As nothing could be more important in life than being employed, especially when the situation world-wide is terrible. So, if you are one of those who are still employed, you can increase your chances of staying in the job by learning digital skills. It can help you with your current profile. I simply mean that most companies would want to have employees remarkably skilled. Having an employee with additional knowledge is always gain for any company. So, learning digital skills can change the perspective of your employer towards you. You can employer can consider you for taking up higher responsibilities. You are more likely to be placed in a better position, as your management would feel you better suited for the future growth of the company.


As said earlier, almost all the companies are now going online, thereby increasing the demand for professionals with digital skills. So, if you will learn digital skills today, getting a new job will be easier in the future. People with digital skills will have a smooth sail, even during the crisis, like a corona. Besides, learning a new skill will help you have the privilege to change your career in the future. For instance, in the future, if you feel like shifting your career, with the help of your skill, you would be able to do it at any point in time. You will be less dependent on employers. Instead, you will be in a situation to use your skills and start your own business.


An additional source of income is always welcomed. Many people already have an alternate source of income so that they can live a happy life. Similarly, in your case, too, digital learning skills can help you have an additional source of income. The matter of fact is – we all need money to lead a happy and prosperous life. There is a famous saying that goes like this – “Money can’t buy happiness, but it’s more comfortable to cry in Mercedes than a bicycle.” Each word said here is true and correct. So, you can also use your digital skillset to earn a side income that you can use to have luxuries of life.


You must have heard this – NOTHING GOES FOR WASTE! The same is the case of learning a new skill set. Learning digital skillset will give you a sense of security. We all yearn for safety, and that’s the reason we work day and night to secure ourselves and our families. We do everything in life to be secure, and money is one of the most important aspects of life. Having it gives us an absolute sense of security. By learning a new skill, you can have confidence that even in the worst situation, you would be able to earn your livelihood. It gives the security that you will have no shortage of jobs as the skillset itself make you readily employable. Besides, learning a new skill will keep you and your mind busy during lockdown!  

*This post is not written based on some random thoughts; however, these all are tried and tested ways!  


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