Working from home, good or bad?

Work from home
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Work from home has picked up pace after the COVID – 19 outbreak. Ever since the pandemic, most of the companies have asked their employees to work from home. However, many people were working from home even before the pandemic. These people are either freelancers, online business owners, or remote employees. As with everything, work from home has its advantages and disadvantages. Here in this post, we will discuss the pros and cons of working from home.

Advantages of working from home

1. No Travel

The first and foremost benefit of working from home is – No Travel. You don’t have to deal with crowded buses, metro trains, and traffic jams. Believe it or not, commuting to the office in peak hours is the most stressful and depressing task. Moreover, all you see in those buses are tired and exhausted faces, ready for the rat race in the morning. Working from home gives you rid of that.

2. Time Saving

Usually, an office goer spends 1 hour to 1.5 hours in commute and around 15 minutes to 30 minutes to get ready for the office. You are saving 2 hours daily; just imagine how many good things you can do in these 2 hours, such as workout, running, reading, learning a digital skill, etc.

3. Money Saving

Whether you use public transport or your own car, commuting to the office is expensive. Besides, you don’t need to spend money on your business attires, makeup, bags, shoes, etc. You can actually lead a minimalistic life and save a lot of money you can use in better things, maybe a short trip to your favourite place.

4. Location Flexibility

Another excellent benefit of working from home is – location flexibility. You can work from anywhere, kitchen, rooftop, hotel room, mountain cliff, park, your favourite café, etc. This gives you immense peace and freedom, which increases your productivity.

5. Time Flexibility

You are not time-bound if you are a freelancer or an online business owner. You can choose your own working hours. Even some companies allow their remote employees to work according to their schedule. You can choose to work whenever you feel most productive, be it morning, evening, or late nights.

6. Comfort

Work from home allows you to work from your comfort. This means you do not need to put on makeup, wear business attire, or get ready for your work. You can work even in your pyjamas. And when you are not well, you can just wrap yourself in a blanket and work from your bed.

7. Work/Life Balance

You can have work/life balance that most employees can’t have while working in an office system. You save a lot of time that you can spend with your loved ones, doing things that you have always wanted to, learning some new skillset that can be used to grow in life, etc.

8. Create Work Environment According to Your Wish

You get stuck in an office set up. You have to adjust everything in a set environment. Even when you don’t like something, you cannot change it. But that’s not the case when you work from home. You have the privilege to create your own work environment according to your taste and choices. Trust that productivity increases when you like your workspace.

9. Develop Connection 

Since you are at home all day long, it gives you the privilege to spend more time with your family. Research shows, people who spend more time with their families create better bonds and Connection. Working from home allows you to develop great connections in the family. You can attend your kids’ school meets, events, etc. You can accompany your wife on shopping; you can take your family for a day out, etc. There are so many things that you can do when you have flexible work hours.

10. Healthy Lifestyle

You don’t need to eat packed food or tiffin when you work from home. You can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can utilize your time cooking fresh meals, eating healthy food, eating with family, etc. Doing all this helps you stay healthy and happy. Remember that a healthy person is more productive than the one who follows unhealthy ways of living.

11. Rid From Office Politics

Believe it or not, office politics are inevitable. No matter how big or small your company is – people tend to create an uninspiring environment for others. This leads to unwanted stress and issues, which affects your efficiency and productivity to a greater extent. Working from home rids you from office politics, and you can work in peace.

12. Reduced Stress Levels

Studies show that working from home reduces stress. Of course, you don’t waste your energy in commuting; you don’t deal with an unpleasant office environment, no boss watching at you, and nasty and annoying people do not surround you. All this helps you have a reduced level of stress; you are calm and more at peace.

13. Better Health

No commute, healthy lifestyle, reduced level of stress, and more time with loved ones lead to better health. When you are healthy, you feel like doing more, achieving more, working towards your goals, which makes you happier than ever before.

14. You’re The Boss

Some bosses are really cranky; they make employees’ life hell. But freelancers and online business owners are fortunate; you don’t need to deal with cranky bosses. You are, in fact, you’re your own boss. You set your own conditions and work according to them. You can make decisions on your own.

15. Pragmatic Learning

Of course, the whole world will ask you to work as an employee all your life because jobs are considered secure options than freelancing and owning a business. But the truth remains, you will only work for others, make them rich with your effort. However, working from home as a freelancer allows you to learn and gain experience. Undoubtedly, you will fall and fail in the process, but you will come out as a winner in the end. You learn to deal with your problems, take responsibility for your actions and decisions. This is a fantastic feeling that can boost your confidence a lot.

Disadvantages of working from home

Of course, everything comes with its side effects; working from home also has its disadvantages. Here is what you may despise about working from home:

1. Lack of Social Interaction

Of course, when you work from home, you lack human interaction. Notwithstanding, there will be calls and online meetings with your clients or team members; you will be working alone at home. There will be no coffee breaks, no lunch together, nobody to talk about weekend plans, etc. You absolutely lack social interactions, which can be really hard at times.

2. Others Take You For Granted

This is the biggest challenge one has to face when you work from home. People around don’t take your work seriously; they, in fact, take you for granted. Even when you are engrossed in something significant, you will be asked to do something ridiculous. Or you can expect your guests anytime because they don’t think you do some serious stuff.  

Besides, your relatives and friends will often embarrass you with silly questions, such as “Are you able to make your ends meet with this work?” or “What is the point you spent so much money on your education if you had to work from home only?” etc., etc., etc. Actually, you have to be thick-skinned to deal with such comments.

3. Lot of Distractions

Since there is no one to watch over you, you get trapped into some unwanted stuff, like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, etc. There are other distractions, like household chores, laundry, grocery, kids’ homework, guests, etc. Potential distractions are everywhere when you work from home. You have to be very disciplined and focused on getting things done.

4. No Switching Off

You are always in work mode when you work from home. There are no limited work hours; sometimes, you work from morning until late at night, which is unhealthy.

5. Increased Boredom

Initially, you will like working from home, but gradually you will realize that both your private life and work-life have become one. It’s not easy to handle this; you start getting bored with your NO SCHEDULE Life. But setting up a dedicated home office and having proper work routines can help you avoid boredom.

6. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Working from home can be really harmful to those who do not follow a routine. You have to have a routine to lead a healthy life while working from home. Some people literally work while lying on the couch all day. And some work all day long and don’t even bother to leave their house, which is very unhealthy. This can be dangerous to their overall health.

7. Lack of Motivation

At times working from home can make you feel demotivated. Demotivation, distractions, continuous work, the same place, etc. can lead to lower productivity.

Working from Home Good or Bad for You?

Well, there are many advantages and disadvantages of working from home. Also, the truth remains that not every professional enjoys the same benefits or struggles with similar drawbacks. Different people have a different perspective. 

But, no doubt working from home comes with many pros than cons. Rather than working for others, opt for online business if you want to grow in life. As it is evident that most companies are opting for digitalization, and they will hire freelancers to help them go online. Learning a digital skillset can help you STAND OUT amidst the competition.

For the best experience from working from home, follow these: Be self-disciplined, stay focused, learn time management, get organized, follow a routine, stay positive, create your workspace, keep your work and private life separate, create a work environment where you would love to work in and be mindful!

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